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A comprehensive study on milk composition and coagulation properties from six endangered native Norwegian cattle breeds

Ragnhild Aa. Inglingstad, Tove G. Devold, Nicola Damiano, Anna C. Holene, Nina S. Svartedal, Irene Comi, Tone I. Eliassen, Tora Asledottir, Ellen K. Ulleberg and Gerd E. Vegarud
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Rapid and green discrimination of bovine milk according to fat content, thermal treatment, brand and manufacturer via colloidal fingerprinting

Stefano Giordani, Nicholas Kassouf, Alessandro Zappi, Andrea Zattoni, Barbara Roda, Dora Melucci and Valentina Marassi
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Structural Properties of Casein Micelles with Adjusted Micellar Calcium Phosphate Content

Elaheh Ahmadi, Tatijana Markoska, Thom Huppertz and Todor Vasiljevic
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Detection of milk adulteration using coffee ring effect and convolutional neural network

Tapan Parsain, Ajay Tripathi and Archana Tiwari
Food Additives & Contaminants: Part A 1 (2024)

Milk phenomics: leveraging biological bonds with blood and infrared technologies for evaluating animal nutritional and health status

Diana Giannuzzi, Chiara Evangelista, Angela Costa, Giuseppe Conte, Gianluca Neglia, Umberto Bernabucci, Stefano Schiavon, Marcello Mele and Alessio Cecchinato
Italian Journal of Animal Science 23 (1) 780 (2024)

Impact of Processing Methods on the Distribution of Mineral Elements in Goat Milk Fractions

Junyu Pan, Zhongna Yu, Jiayin Dai, Hongning Jiang, Cuiping Shi, Qijing Du, Wanting Zhu, Latiful Bari, Rongbo Fan, Jun Wang, Yongxin Yang and Rongwei Han
Journal of Dairy Science (2024)

Effects of Different Thawing and Warming Processes on Human Milk Composition

Lisa F Stinson, Alexandra George, Zoya Gridneva, Xuehua Jin, Ching Tat Lai and Donna T Geddes
The Journal of Nutrition 154 (2) 314 (2024)

Cow milk derived-fat inhibits the proliferation of liver cancer-cells

Meran Keshawa Ediriweera, Do Manh Cuong and Somi Kim Cho
Applied Biological Chemistry 67 (1) (2024)

Casein/starch composites: novel binders for green carbonaceous electrodes applied in the capacitive deionization of water

Sama Arjmandi, Afsaneh Kheiri, Mehdi Kazemzadeh and Cavus Falamaki
New Journal of Chemistry 48 (2) 654 (2024)

Novel insights into the associations between immune cell population distribution in mammary glands and milk minerals in Holstein cows

Diana Giannuzzi, Alice Vanzin, Sara Pegolo, Alessandro Toscano, Vittoria Bisutti, Luigi Gallo, Stefano Schiavon and Alessio Cecchinato
Journal of Dairy Science 107 (1) 593 (2024)

Milking system and diet's forage type impact on milk quality of Italian Holstein-Friesian

Marica Simoni, Rokia Temmar, Massimo De Marchi, Andrea Revello-Chion, Marta Pozza, Federico Righi and Carmen L. Manuelian
Journal of Dairy Science (2024)

Influence of calcium concentration on the re-assembly of sodium caseinate into casein micelles and on their renneting behavior

Teng Wang, Yadong Li, Fien De Witte, Ferre Rebry, Hao Li, Pieter Vermeir, Koen Dewettinck and Paul Van der Meeren
Food Research International 180 113991 (2024)

Effect of sucrose content added to milk on the composition, yield, viscosity, color, and Maillard reaction chemical markers of dulce de leche

Jaqueline de Almeida Celestino, Maria Esther Sad, Monisa Gouvêa Silva, Carolina Neves Cunha, Rodrigo Stephani and Ítalo Tuler Perrone
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Changes in nutritional and technological properties of heat-treated milk and cream at dairy production scale during storage

Shruti Lalwani, Frida Lewerentz, Andreas Håkansson, Richard Löfgren, Johan Eriksson, Marie Paulsson and Maria Glantz
International Dairy Journal 154 105927 (2024)

The influence of different ultrafiltration set‐ups on the mineral partitioning between skim milk streams

Yuan Jiang, Valentin Rauh, Søren K. Lillevang, Leif H. Skibsted, Frank Lipnizki, Giovanni Barone and Lilia Ahrné
International Journal of Dairy Technology (2024)

Ionic calcium variation in normal, acidic, alkaline and unstable non‐acidic bovine milks and its relationship with alcohol stability

Shaeen Inaê da Luz Kunz, Aline Luiza do Nascimento, Cristina Bachmann da Silva, Ana Luiza Freitas dos Santos, Patrik Breitenbach, Rogério Ferreira and Ana Luiza Bachmann Schogor
International Journal of Dairy Technology (2024)

Cow’s Milk: A Benefit for Human Health? Omics Tools and Precision Nutrition for Lactose Intolerance Management

Giovanni Pratelli, Bartolo Tamburini, Giusto Davide Badami, Marianna Lo Pizzo, Anna De Blasio, Daniela Carlisi and Diana Di Liberto
Nutrients 16 (2) 320 (2024)

Influence of Heating Temperature and pH on Acid Gelation of Micellar Calcium Phosphate-Adjusted Skim Milk

Elaheh Ahmadi, Todor Vasiljevic and Thom Huppertz
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Physicochemical properties of micellar casein retentates generated at different microfiltration temperatures

Thomas C. France, Francesca Bot, Alan L. Kelly, Shane V. Crowley and James A. O'Mahony
Journal of Dairy Science 107 (5) 2721 (2024)

Effect of lactation on the distribution of mineral elements in goat milk

Junyu Pan, Zhongna Yu, Hongning Jiang, Cuiping Shi, Qijing Du, Rongbo Fan, Jun Wang, Latiful Bari, Yongxin Yang and Rongwei Han
Journal of Dairy Science 107 (5) 2774 (2024)

Influence of calcium depletion and addition on heat stability, buffering capacity, partitioning of minerals and iron binding properties of buffalo milk

Utkarsh Deshmukh, Sumit Arora, Deepika Kathuria, A.K. Singh, Vivek Sharma and Richa Singh
International Dairy Journal 149 105828 (2024)

Elemental Fingerprinting of Pecorino Romano and Pecorino Sardo PDO: Characterization, Authentication and Nutritional Value

Andrea Mara, Marco Caredda, Margherita Addis, Francesco Sanna, Mario Deroma, Constantinos A. Georgiou, Ilaria Langasco, Maria I. Pilo, Nadia Spano and Gavino Sanna
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Extention and interlaboratory comparison of an LC-MS/MS multi-class method for the determination of 15 different classes of veterinary drug residues in milk and poultry feed

Lidija Kenjeric, Michael Sulyok, Alexandra Malachova, Brett Greer, Oluwatobi Kolawole, Brian Quinn, Christopher T. Elliott and Rudolf Krska
Food Chemistry 449 138834 (2024)

Localized mammary gland changes in milk composition and venous blood metabolite concentrations result from sterile subclinical mastitis

C.S. Gammariello, J. Hanson, A.E. Relling, M.X.S. Oliveira, A.S. Sipka, K.M. Enger and B.D. Enger
Journal of Dairy Science (2024)

Structural and compositional characterization of Ca- and β-casein enriched casein micelles

Thea Lykkegaard Møller, Søren Bang Nielsen, Jan Skov Pedersen and Milena Corredig
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Effect of acetic acid solutions on regenerated fibers from rennet-treated casein micelles

Novin Darvishsefat, Md Asaduzzaman, Calvin Hohn and Ronald Gebhardt
International Dairy Journal 154 105941 (2024)

Influence of pH on Heat-Induced Changes in Skim Milk Containing Various Levels of Micellar Calcium Phosphate

Elaheh Ahmadi, Todor Vasiljevic and Thom Huppertz
Molecules 28 (19) 6847 (2023)

The effect of whey source on heat-induced aggregation of casein and whey protein mixtures of relevance to infant nutritional product formulation

Bernard M. Corrigan, James A. O'Mahony and Mark A. Fenelon
Journal of Dairy Science 106 (12) 8299 (2023)

Sterol, tocopherol, and bioactive fatty acid differences between conventional, high-quality, and organic cow milk

M. Martini, I. Altomonte, I. Sodi, Y. Vasylieva and F. Salari
Journal of Dairy Science 106 (12) 8239 (2023)

Changes during lactation in the mineral element content of mare milk produced in semi-extensive rural farms

A. Blanco-Doval, L.J.R. Barron and N. Aldai
Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 123 105629 (2023)

Influence of minerals on the foaming properties of milk

Xiaoying Xiong, Eeshaan Pundalik, Vassilis Kontogiorgos, Minh Thao Ho, Chuanzi Mo, Bhesh Bhandari and Nidhi Bansal
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Disruption of casein micelles by calcium sequestering salts: From observations to mechanistic insights

Arantza Garcia, Arno Alting and Thom Huppertz
International Dairy Journal 142 105638 (2023)

The effect of calcium removal from skim milk by ion exchange on the properties of the ultrafiltration retentate

Qihui Wu, Lydia Ong, George Q. Chen, Swati Varshney, Eric Hanssen, Sandra E. Kentish and Sally L. Gras
Food Research International 173 113305 (2023)

Fouling of ion-exchange membranes during electrodialytic acid whey processing analysed by 2D fluorescence and FTIR spectroscopy

Emilie N. Nielsen, Ulysse Cordin, Mathias Gøtke, Svetlozar Velizarov, Claudia F. Galinha, Leif H. Skibsted, João G. Crespo and Lilia M. Ahrné
Separation and Purification Technology 316 123814 (2023)

Influence of partial acidification of skim milk on ultrafiltration performance and physicochemical properties of the produced streams

Yuan Qu, Sylvain Barjon, Leif H Skibsted, Giovanni Barone and Lilia Ahrné
International Journal of Dairy Technology 76 (3) 597 (2023)

Novel details on the dissociation of casein micelle suspensions as a function of pH and temperature

Thea Lykkegaard M⊘ller, S⊘ren Bang Nielsen and Milena Corredig
Journal of Dairy Science 106 (12) 8368 (2023)

Chemical and Physical Properties of Bovine Colostrum and the Effect of some Pasteurization Treatments on Them

Ahmed Salam Ibrahim and Shaimaa A.M. Ali
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 1262 (6) 062024 (2023)

Effect of sodium hexametaphosphate on heat-induced changes in micellar casein isolate solutions

Arantza Garcia, Arno Alting and Thom Huppertz
International Dairy Journal 140 105583 (2023)

Heat-Induced Changes in κ-Carrageenan-Containing Chocolate-Flavoured Milk Protein Concentrate Suspensions under Controlled Shearing

Anushka Mediwaththe, Thom Huppertz, Jayani Chandrapala and Todor Vasiljevic
Foods 12 (24) 4404 (2023)

Role of Ca2+ in the pepsin-induced coagulation and in the dynamic in vitro gastric digestion behavior of casein micelles

Mengxiao Yang, Aiqian Ye, Zhi Yang, David W. Everett, Elliot Paul Gilbert and Harjinder Singh
Food & Function 14 (15) 6985 (2023)

Sol-gel transition diagram and theoretical study of κ-carrageenan in the presence of calcium ions

María del Carmen Núñez-Santiago, Artemio Pérez-López, Teodoro Espinosa-Solares, María Inés Nicolás-Vázquez and Bernabé Laureano-López
LWT 182 114867 (2023)

Effects of time and temperature of storage on chemical and nutritional characteristics of raw milk for Provolone Valpadana PDO cheesemaking: a multivariate approach

Federico Paggio, Mena Ritota, Maria Gabriella Di Costanzo, Stefania Barzaghi, Lucia Monti, Alessandro Ulrici and Pamela Manzi
Journal of Dairy Research 1 (2023)

Quality of liquid goat whey affected by heat treatment of milk and coagulation type: case study of the Serbian market

Zorana Miloradovic, Marina Hovjecki, Milica Mirkovic, Nikola Bajcetic, Ivana Sredovic Ignjatovic, Ana Satric, Nada Smigic, Marijana Maslovaric, Rade Jovanovic and Jelena Miocinovic
Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems 7 (2023)

Influence of ionic strength and temperature on mineral and protein partitioning of skim milk

Giovanni Barone, Federica Cirrincione, Yuan Jiang, Valentin Rauh, Søren K. Lillevang, Maria Fiorenza Caboni, Leif H. Skibsted and Lilia Ahrné
International Dairy Journal 147 105764 (2023)

Calcium bioaccessibility increased during gastrointestinal digestion of α-lactalbumin and β-lactoglobulin

Jing Wang, Kataneh Aalaei, Leif H. Skibsted and Lilia M. Ahrné
Food Research International 164 112415 (2023)

Influence of Calcium-Sequestering Salts on Heat-Induced Changes in Blends of Skimmed Buffalo and Bovine Milk

Carolyn T. Mejares, Jayani Chandrapala and Thom Huppertz
Foods 12 (11) 2260 (2023)

Assessment of trace element and quality parameters in sheep milk from different regions and different seasons in the Iraqi Kurdish region

İbrahim Teğin, Gazee Rahman Muhamad Dawdy, Bülent Hallaç and Erdal Yabalak
International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry 1 (2023)

In vitro protein digestion of infant formula manufactured with β-casein-enriched whey

Valérie Petit, Christophe Fuerer, Charith Hettiarachchi, Mireille Golliard, Iris Roggero, Andreas Rytz, Rosemarie Jenni, Lionel Bovetto, Peter Erdmann and Yvonne M. Vissers
International Dairy Journal 146 105740 (2023)

Chemical composition, in vitro digestibility, and storability of selected agro-industrial by-products: Alternative ruminant feed ingredients in Israel

Justine Kilama, Yoav Yakir, Yoav Shaani, Gaby Adin, Samir Kaadan, Philip Wagali, Chris Sabastian, Godliver Ngomuo and Sameer J. Mabjeesh
Heliyon 9 (3) e14581 (2023)

Associations between the detailed milk mineral profile, milk composition, and metabolic status in Holstein cows

Alessandro Toscano, Diana Giannuzzi, Sara Pegolo, Alice Vanzin, Vittoria Bisutti, Luigi Gallo, Erminio Trevisi, Alessio Cecchinato and Stefano Schiavon
Journal of Dairy Science 106 (9) 6577 (2023)

Increase of milk heat stability by addition of casein glycomacropeptide

Nadia Belén Acosta, Luciana María Costabel, Sonia Natalia Campos, Alejandra Cuatrin and María Laura Olivares
International Dairy Journal 139 105559 (2023)

Prediction of detailed blood metabolic profile using milk infrared spectra and machine learning methods in dairy cattle

Diana Giannuzzi, Lucio Flavio Macedo Mota, Sara Pegolo, Franco Tagliapietra, Stefano Schiavon, Luigi Gallo, Paolo Ajmone Marsan, Erminio Trevisi and Alessio Cecchinato
Journal of Dairy Science 106 (5) 3321 (2023)

Characteristics of Red Deer (Cervus elaphus) Milk: Lactational Changes in Composition and Processing Impacts on Structural and Gelation Properties

Siqi Li, Ashish Saharawat, Aiqian Ye, Anant Dave and Harjinder Singh
Foods 12 (7) 1517 (2023)

Cold ultrafiltered or microfiltered milk retentates: A systematic comparison of the effects of compositional differences on their gelation functionality

Özgenur Coşkun, Lars Wiking and Milena Corredig
Journal of Dairy Science 106 (5) 3123 (2023)

Variation in macrominerals and trace elements in cows’ retail milk and implications for consumers nutrition

Eric E. Newton, Ásta H. Pétursdóttir, Stephane Beauclercq, James Clarke, Natasa Desnica and Sokratis Stergiadis
Food Chemistry 418 135809 (2023)

Electrochemical Sensor to Detect Antibiotics in Milk Based on Machine Learning Algorithms

Timur A. Aliev, Vadim E. Belyaev, Anastasiya V. Pomytkina, Pavel V. Nesterov, Sergey Shityakov, Roman V. Sadovnichii, Alexander S. Novikov, Olga Yu. Orlova, Maria S. Masalovich and Ekaterina V. Skorb
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 15 (44) 52010 (2023)

Assessment of composition and physical properties of the Gambian N’Dama cow milk

Olawale Festus Olaniyan, İbrahim Kaya and Arss Secka
Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 115 104961 (2023)

Coagulation and proteolysis of high-protein milks in the gastric environment

Sophie Lamothe and Michel Britten
Journal of Dairy Science 106 (8) 5242 (2023)

Engineering artificial casein micelles for future food: Is casein phosphorylation necessary?

Laurens J. Antuma, Isabell Steiner, Vasil M. Garamus, Remko M. Boom and Julia K. Keppler
Food Research International 173 113315 (2023)

Effects of proportion and digestibility of grass-clover silage on milk protein, mineral and fatty acid compositions in Danish Holstein cows

Gayani Madushani Sirinayake Lokuge, Marianne Johansen, Peter Lund, Lotte Bach Larsen and Nina Aagaard Poulsen
Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica, Section A — Animal Science 72 (3-4) 123 (2023)

Scalable Dialysis-Based Method for the Isolation of Strontium from Milk for Radioanalysis

Michael. W. Cooke, Pawel Czechura and Matthew. C. Cook
ACS Food Science & Technology 3 (7) 1278 (2023)

Effect of heat treatment on micronutrients, fatty acids and some bioactive components of milk

Meral Kilic-Akyilmaz, Barbaros Ozer, Tugba Bulat and Ali Topcu
International Dairy Journal 126 105231 (2022)

Effect of β-casein reduction and high heat treatment of micellar casein concentrate on the rennet coagulation properties, composition and yield of Emmental cheese made therefrom

Xiaofeng Xia, John T. Tobin, Surabhi Subhir, Mark A. Fenelon, Bernard M. Corrigan, Paul L.H. McSweeney and Jeremiah J. Sheehan
International Dairy Journal 126 105240 (2022)

Water intake and feeding with whole milk accentuate metabolic acidosis in calves with induced osmotic diarrhea

Gabriela de Castro Bregadioli, Maíra Moreira Santos, Fabrício Moreira Cerri, João Pedro Marmol de Oliveira, Priscilla Fajardo Valente Pereira, Karina Keller Marques da Costa Flaiban and Júlio Augusto Naylor Lisbôa
Semina: Ciências Agrárias 43 (6) 2437 (2022)

Compare the nutritional status of essential minerals in milk of different cattle and humans: Estimated daily intake for children

Fazeela Kandhro, Tasneem Gul Kazi, Hassan Imran Afridi and Jameel Ahmed Baig
Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 105 104214 (2022)

Uncertainty of measurement of ionic calcium in milk measured by ISE: a Monte-Carlo insight

Mykola V. Ishchenko, Vira M. Ishchenko, Nadiya P. Kvitkovska and Oksana V. Kochubei-Litvinenko
Analytical Methods 14 (9) 949 (2022)

Strain- and serotype-dependent affinity of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli for bovine milk fat globules

A. Bagel, M.-L. Delignette-Muller, C. Lopez, V. Michel, D. Sergentet and T. Douellou
Journal of Dairy Science 105 (11) 8688 (2022)

Review on mechanisms leading to fouling and stability issues related to heat treatment of casein-based RTD beverages

M. Abdallah, L. Azevedo-Scudeller, M. Hiolle, C. Lesur, A. Baniel and G. Delaplace
Food and Bioproducts Processing 136 67 (2022)

A label-free liquid crystal-assisted aptasensor for trace level detection of tobramycin in milk and chicken egg samples

Zahra Khoshbin, Hamed Zahraee, Javad Zamanian, Asma Verdian, Mohammad Ramezani, Mona Alibolandi, Khalil Abnous and Seyed Mohammad Taghdisi
Analytica Chimica Acta 1236 340588 (2022)

Molecular details of the formation of soluble aggregates during ultrafiltration or microfiltration combined with diafiltration of skim milk

Özgenur Coşkun, Lars Wiking, Saeed Rahimi Yazdi and Milena Corredig
Food Hydrocolloids 124 107244 (2022)

Distribution of selected trace elements in the major fractions of donkey milk

F. Fantuz, S. Ferraro, L. Todini, R. Spurio, A. Fatica, F. Marcantoni and E. Salimei
Journal of Dairy Science 105 (8) 6422 (2022)

Seasonal Variations in the Composition and Physicochemical Characteristics of Sheep and Goat Milks

Siqi Li, Munkhzul Delger, Anant Dave, Harjinder Singh and Aiqian Ye
Foods 11 (12) 1737 (2022)

Effect of spray freeze drying on the structural modification and rehydration characteristics of micellar casein powders

Jinbo Ren, Minjie Liao, Lingjun Ma, Fang Chen, Xiaojun Liao, Xiaosong Hu, Song Miao, John Fitzpatrick and Junfu Ji
Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies 80 103093 (2022)

Interactions between whey proteins and calcium salts and implications for the formulation of dairy protein‐based nutritional beverage products: A review

Giovanni Barone, Jonathan O'Regan, Alan L. Kelly and James A. O'Mahony
Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety 21 (2) 1254 (2022)

Behaviour of minerals during the vacuum concentration of dairy ultrafiltration permeates

Gaëlle Tanguy, Eric Beaucher, Anne Dolivet, Ali Kerjouh, Marie-Bernadette Maillard, Pascaline Hamon and Thomas Croguennec
International Dairy Journal 133 105426 (2022)

Valorization of Concentrated Dairy White Wastewater by Reverse Osmosis in Model Cheese Production

Sabine Alalam, Julien Chamberland, Alexia Gravel, Véronique Perreault, Michel Britten, Yves Pouliot, Steve Labrie and Alain Doyen
Dairy 3 (2) 248 (2022)

Mutagens in raw ewe milk in Orava region, northern Slovakia: metals

Robert Toman, Martina Psenkova, Vladimir Tancin and Michal Miskeje
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 29 (41) 62259 (2022)

The effect of storage period on calcium and magnesium level and antimicrobial activity of goat’s milk kefir

Lilik Eka Radiati, Hariana Tri Juliyanti, Cindy Heryanti Kusuma Wardhani, E. Widodo, A. Jayanegara, Suyadi, V.M.A. Nurgiartiningsih, G. Ciptadi, M.H. Natsir, S. Wahjuningsih, O. Sjofjan and Marjuki
E3S Web of Conferences 335 00003 (2022)

Automatic Milking Systems in the Production of Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese: Effects on the Milk Quality and on Cheese Characteristics

Piero Franceschi, Massimo Malacarne, Elena Bortolazzo, Fabio Coloretti, Paolo Formaggioni, Anna Garavaldi, Valeria Musi and Andrea Summer
Agriculture 12 (1) 104 (2022)