Aims and scope

Reproduction Nutrition Development (RND) is committed to fundamental or applied research in Vertebrates including Primates. It is concerned by all steps or events of reproduction and development (gametogenesis, fertilization, embryonic and foetal development, parturition, lactation period, periods before and after puberty) and by the biotechnologies applied to animal reproduction. It covers the different areas of nutrition (ingestion, digestion, absorption, metabolism, cellular and molecular mechanisms of action of nutrients, nutrient requirements) and studies on human nutrition will be considered. It includes the inter-relationships between reproduction, nutrition and development as well as their local and central regulations. RND publishes original research articles, novel techniques, short notes and contemporary reviews. Proceedings of scientific meetings and conference reports are also considered.

In 2007, Reproduction, Nutrition, Development has merged with Animal Research and Animal Science. This new journal is entitled Animal.