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Enteric Methane Emissions and Animal Performance in Dairy and Beef Cattle Production: Strategies, Opportunities, and Impact of Reducing Emissions

Byeng-Ryel Min, Seul Lee, Hyunjung Jung, Daniel N. Miller and Rui Chen
Animals 12 (8) 948 (2022)

The effects of dietary medium‐chain fatty acids on ruminal methanogenesis and fermentation in vitro and in vivo: A meta‐analysis

Yulianri Rizki Yanza, Małgorzata Szumacher‐Strabel, Anuraga Jayanegara, Andre Meiditama Kasenta, Min Gao, Haihao Huang, Amlan Kumar Patra, Ewelina Warzych and Adam Cieślak
Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition 105 (5) 874 (2021)

Meta-analysis quantifying the potential of dietary additives and rumen modifiers for methane mitigation in ruminant production systems

Amelia K. Almeida, Roger S. Hegarty and Annette Cowie
Animal Nutrition 7 (4) 1219 (2021)

Effects of seaweed extracts on in vitro rumen fermentation characteristics, methane production, and microbial abundance

Youyoung Choi, Shin Ja Lee, Hyun Sang Kim, Jun Sik Eom, Seong Uk Jo, Le Luo Guan, Jakyeom Seo, Hanbeen Kim, Sang Suk Lee and Sung Sill Lee
Scientific Reports 11 (1) (2021)

Long-Term Mootral Application Impacts Methane Production and the Microbial Community in the Rumen Simulation Technique System

Johanna Brede, Manuela Peukert, Björn Egert, Gerhard Breves and Melanie Brede
Frontiers in Microbiology 12 (2021)

Moderate Coconut Oil Supplement Ameliorates Growth Performance and Ruminal Fermentation in Hainan Black Goat Kids

Liguang Shi, Yu Zhang, Lingli Wu, Wenjuan Xun, Qiang Liu, Ting Cao, Guanyu Hou and Hanlin Zhou
Frontiers in Veterinary Science 7 (2020)

Inhibition of methanogenesis by nitrate, with or without defaunation, in continuous culture

B.A. Wenner, B.K. Wagner, N.R. St-Pierre, Z.T. Yu and J.L. Firkins
Journal of Dairy Science 103 (8) 7124 (2020)

Optimal amounts of coconut oil in diets improve the growth, antioxidant capacity and lipid metabolism of large yellow croaker (Larimichthys crocea)

Tao Ding, Ning Xu, Yongtao Liu, Xueshan Li, Xiaojun Xiang, Dan Xu, Chuanwei Yao, Qiangde Liu, Zhaoyang Yin, Kangsen Mai and Qinghui Ai
Marine Life Science & Technology 2 (4) 376 (2020)

Feedlot diets with soybean oil, selenium and vitamin E alters rumen metabolism and fatty acids content in steers

Adriano Vinicius de Paiva Ferreira, Alexandre Cominotte, Márcio M. Ladeira, Daniel R. Casagrande, Priscilla D. Teixeira, Eric van Cleef, Jane Ezequiel, Pablo Castagnino and Otávio R. Machado Neto
Animal Feed Science and Technology 260 114362 (2020)

Relevance of Fatty Acids to Sperm Maturation and Quality

Giulia Collodel, Cesare Castellini, Jetty Chung-Yung Lee and Cinzia Signorini
Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity 2020 1 (2020)

Effect of pelleted total mixed rations with different levels of intact rapeseed on performance, carcass traits, serum biochemical indices and meat quality of Boer goats

Fang Chen, Jin-tao Wei, Xue-hai Yang, Na Zhao, Wei Zhang, Shao-wen Huang, Nian-dong Yan and Wan-zheng Guo
Animal Production Science 59 (1) 82 (2019)

Creating a low enteric methane emission ruminant: what is the evidence of success to the present and prospects for developing economies?

J. P. Goopy
Animal Production Science 59 (10) 1769 (2019)

Effects of unsaturation of long-chain fatty acids on rumen protozoal engulfment and microbial protein recycling in protozoa in vitro

Mengzhi Wang, Yujia Jing, Yifan Wang, Shimin Liu, Jian Gao, Jialiang Ouyang and Phil Vercoe
Animal Production Science 59 (4) 647 (2019)

Corn oil supplementation enhances hydrogen use for biohydrogenation, inhibits methanogenesis, and alters fermentation pathways and the microbial community in the rumen of goats

Xiu Min Zhang, Rodolfo F Medrano, Min Wang, Karen A Beauchemin, Zhi Yuan Ma, Rong Wang, Jiang Nan Wen, Bernard A Lukuyu, Zhi Liang Tan and Jian Hua He
Journal of Animal Science 97 (12) 4999 (2019)

Supplementing goat kids with coconut medium chain fatty acids in early life influences growth and rumen papillae development until 4 months after supplementation but effects on in vitro methane emissions and the rumen microbiota are transient

Sieglinde Debruyne, Alexis Ruiz-González, Einar Artiles-Ortega, Bart Ampe, Wim Van Den Broeck, Ellen De Keyser, Leen Vandaele, Karen Goossens and Veerle Fievez
Journal of Animal Science 96 (5) 1978 (2018)

Rumen methanogen and protozoal communities of Tibetan sheep and Gansu Alpine Finewool sheep grazing on the Qinghai–Tibetan Plateau, China

Jinqiang Huang and Yongjuan Li
BMC Microbiology 18 (1) (2018)

Contribution of Ruminal Fungi, Archaea, Protozoa, and Bacteria to the Methane Suppression Caused by Oilseed Supplemented Diets

Shaopu Wang, Katrin Giller, Michael Kreuzer, Susanne E. Ulbrich, Ueli Braun and Angela Schwarm
Frontiers in Microbiology 8 (2017)

Effects of dietary supplementation of active dried yeast on fecal methanogenic archaea diversity in dairy cows

Dingxing Jin, Kun Kang, Hongze Wang, Zhisheng Wang, Bai Xue, Lizhi Wang, Feng Xu and Quanhui Peng
Anaerobe 44 78 (2017)

In vitro ruminal fermentation and methane production of different seaweed species

E. Molina-Alcaide, M.D. Carro, M.Y. Roleda, M.R. Weisbjerg, V. Lind and M. Novoa-Garrido
Animal Feed Science and Technology 228 1 (2017)

Effects of defaunation and dietary coconut oil distillate on fermentation, digesta kinetics and methane production of Brahman heifers

S. H. Nguyen and R. S. Hegarty
Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition 101 (5) 984 (2017)

Supplementation with corn oil and palm kernel oil to grazing cows: ruminal fermentation, milk yield, and fatty acid profile

Jair Esteban Parales Girón, Martha Lucía Pabón Restrepo and Juan Evangelista Carulla Fornaguera
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia 45 (11) 693 (2016)

Methane emissions, ruminal characteristics and nitrogen utilisation changes after refaunation of protozoa-free sheep

Son Hung Nguyen, Graeme Bremner, Margaret Cameron and Roger Stephen Hegarty
Small Ruminant Research 144 48 (2016)

An adhesin from hydrogen-utilizing rumen methanogenMethanobrevibacter ruminantium M1 binds a broad range of hydrogen-producing microorganisms

Filomena Ng, Sandra Kittelmann, Mark L. Patchett, Graeme T. Attwood, Peter H. Janssen, Jasna Rakonjac and Dragana Gagic
Environmental Microbiology 18 (9) 3010 (2016)

The Role of Ciliate Protozoa in the Rumen

Charles J. Newbold, Gabriel de la Fuente, Alejandro Belanche, Eva Ramos-Morales and Neil R. McEwan
Frontiers in Microbiology 6 (2015)

Positive consequences of maternal diet and post-natal rumen inoculation on rumen function and animal performance of Merino lambs

I. De Barbieri, R.S. Hegarty, C. Silveira and V.H. Oddy
Small Ruminant Research 129 37 (2015)

Archaeal abundance in post-mortem ruminal digesta may help predict methane emissions from beef cattle

R. John Wallace, John A. Rooke, Carol-Anne Duthie, Jimmy J. Hyslop, David W. Ross, Nest McKain, Shirley Motta de Souza, Timothy J. Snelling, Anthony Waterhouse and Rainer Roehe
Scientific Reports 4 (1) (2015)

The rumen microbial metagenome associated with high methane production in cattle

R. John Wallace, John A. Rooke, Nest McKain, Carol-Anne Duthie, Jimmy J. Hyslop, David W. Ross, Anthony Waterhouse, Mick Watson and Rainer Roehe
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Effect of Roughage to Concentrate Ratio and Plant Oil Supplementation on In vitro Fermentation End-Products

Ruangyote Pilajun and Metha Wanapat
Pakistan Journal of Nutrition 13 (9) 492 (2014)

The effect of dietary coconut kernels, whole cottonseeds and sunflower seeds on the intake, digestibility and enteric methane emissions of Zebu beef cattle fed rice straw based diets

P. Chuntrakort, M. Otsuka, K. Hayashi, A. Takenaka, S. Udchachon and K. Sommart
Livestock Science 161 80 (2014)

Development of methane emission from lambs fed milk replacer and cream for a prolonged period

M.N. Haque, M. Roggenbuck, P. Khanal, M.O. Nielsen and J. Madsen
Animal Feed Science and Technology 198 38 (2014)

Effects of Anthelmintic Plant Extracts on Ruminal Fermentation Characteristics, Bacterial Diversity and Methane Production in vitro

E. T. Kim, J. U. Ok, S. J. Lee, J. W. Kim, E. G. Kwon, D. H. Lim, S. H. Choi and S. S. Lee
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A meta-analysis of the effect of dietary fat on enteric methane production, digestibility and rumen fermentation in sheep, and a comparison of these responses between cattle and sheep

Amlan Kumar Patra
Livestock Science 162 97 (2014)

Quantitative analysis of ruminal methanogenic microbial populations in beef cattle divergent in phenotypic residual feed intake (RFI) offered contrasting diets

Ciara A Carberry, David A Kenny, Alan K Kelly and Sinéad M Waters
Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology 5 (1) (2014)

Effects of Coconut Materials on In vitro Ruminal Methanogenesis and Fermentation Characteristics

E. T. Kim, C. G. Park, D. H. Lim, E. G. Kwon, K. S. Ki, S. B. Kim, Y. H. Moon, N. H. Shin and S. S. Lee
Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 27 (12) 1721 (2014)

Effects of Defaunation on Fermentation Characteristics, Degradation of Ryegrass Hay and Methane Production by Rumen Microbes In Vitro When Incubated with Plant Oils

Wei-Ze Qin, Cheng-Yun Li, Seong-Ho Choi, Shinekhuu Jugder, Hyun-Ju Kim, Sang-Suk Lee and Man-Kang Song
Journal of The Korean Society of Grassland and Forage Science 34 (3) 193 (2014)

Influence ofAlbizia lebbeckSaponin and Its Fractions onIn VitroGas Production Kinetics, Rumen Methanogenesis, and Rumen Fermentation Characteristics

Sunil Kumar Sirohi, Navneet Goel and Nasib Singh
ISRN Veterinary Science 2014 1 (2014)

Effects of coconut and fish oils on ruminal methanogenesis, fermentation, and abundance and diversity of microbial populations in vitro

A.K. Patra and Z. Yu
Journal of Dairy Science 96 (3) 1782 (2013)

Nutrient utilization, ruminal fermentation, microbial nitrogen flow, microbial abundances, and methane emissions in goats fed diets including tomato and cucumber waste fruits1

M. Romero-Huelva and E. Molina-Alcaide
Journal of Animal Science 91 (2) 914 (2013)

Effect of supplementing coconut or krabok oil, rich in medium-chain fatty acids on ruminal fermentation, protozoa and archaeal population of bulls

P. Panyakaew, N. Boon, G. Goel, C. Yuangklang, J.Th. Schonewille, W.H. Hendriks and V. Fievez
Animal 7 (12) 1950 (2013)

Assessment of archaeol as a molecular proxy for methane production in cattle

C.A. McCartney, I.D. Bull, T. Yan and R.J. Dewhurst
Journal of Dairy Science 96 (2) 1211 (2013)

Effect of the rumen ciliatesEntodinium caudatum, Epidinium ecaudatumandEudiplodinium maggii, and combinations thereof, on ruminal fermentation and total tract digestion in sheep

Johanna O. Zeitz, Sergej L. Amelchanka, Tadeusz Michałowski, Krzysztof Wereszka, Leo Meile, Sonja Hartnack, Michael Kreuzer and Carla R. Soliva
Archives of Animal Nutrition 66 (3) 180 (2012)

Enteric methane mitigation technologies for ruminant livestock: a synthesis of current research and future directions

Amlan Kumar Patra
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 184 (4) 1929 (2012)

Mitigation of methane production from cattle by feeding cashew nut shell liquid

T. Shinkai, O. Enishi, M. Mitsumori, K. Higuchi, Y. Kobayashi, A. Takenaka, K. Nagashima, M. Mochizuki and Y. Kobayashi
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Effects of plants containing secondary compounds and plant oils on rumen fermentation and ecology

Metha Wanapat, Pongthon Kongmun, Onanong Poungchompu, Anusorn Cherdthong, Pichad Khejornsart, Ruangyote Pilajun and Sujittra Kaenpakdee
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Rumen protozoa and methanogenesis: not a simple cause–effect relationship

Diego P. Morgavi, Cécile Martin, Jean-Pierre Jouany and Maria José Ranilla
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Effects of chestnut tannins and coconut oil on growth performance, methane emission, ruminal fermentation, and microbial populations in sheep

H. Liu, V. Vaddella and D. Zhou
Journal of Dairy Science 94 (12) 6069 (2011)

Long-term defaunation increases the abundance of cellulolytic ruminococci and methanogens but does not affect the bacterial and methanogen diversity in the rumen of sheep1

P. Mosoni, C. Martin, E. Forano and D. P. Morgavi
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Manipulation of rumen fermentation and ecology of swamp buffalo by coconut oil and garlic powder supplementation

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Effect of coconut oil and mangosteen peel supplementation on ruminal fermentation, microbial population, and microbial protein synthesis in swamp buffaloes

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Effect of fibre- and starch-rich finishing diets on methanogenic Archaea diversity and activity in the rumen of feedlot bulls

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Role of trans fatty acids in the nutritional regulation of mammary lipogenesis in ruminants

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Effect of coconut oil and garlic powder on in vitro fermentation using gas production technique

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Methanogens: Methane Producers of the Rumen and Mitigation Strategies

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Influence of palm fatty acid distillate on rumen degradability and protozoa population in buffaloes

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Effects of dry sugar cane yeast on the diet intake, digestibility and bovine rumen microbial populations

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The effects of hazelnut oil usage on live weight, carcass, rumen, some blood parameters and femur head ash in Akkaraman lambs

I. Sadi Cetingul, Mehmet Yardimci, E. Hesna Sahin, Ismail Bayram, Ismail Kucukkurt and A. Burhaneddin Akkaya
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Efficiency of monolaurin in mitigating ruminal methanogenesis and modifying C-isotope fractionation when incubating diets composed of either C3or C4plants in a rumen simulation technique (Rusitec) system

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Evaluations of Different Hypervariable Regions of Archaeal 16S rRNA Genes in Profiling of Methanogens by Archaea -Specific PCR and Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis

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Effect of tea saponin on methanogenesis, microbial community structure and expression ofmcrAgene, in cultures of rumen micro-organisms

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