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Genetic parameters and analysis of factors affecting variations between backfat and Semimembranosus muscle fatty acid composition in heavy pigs

Martina Zappaterra, Gennaro Catillo, Domenico Pietro Lo Fiego, Giovanna Minelli, Barbara Padalino and Roberta Davoli
Meat Science 188 108775 (2022)

Identification of Potential Candidate Genes From Co-Expression Module Analysis During Preadipocyte Differentiation in Landrace Pig

Xitong Zhao, Huatao Liu, Yongjie Pan, Yibing Liu, Fengxia Zhang, Hong Ao, Jibin Zhang, Kai Xing and Chuduan Wang
Frontiers in Genetics 12 (2022)

Comparison of Ahiflower oil containing stearidonic acid to a high‐alpha‐linolenic acid flaxseed oil at two levels on tissue omega‐3 enrichment in broilers

Ahmed S. A. El‐Zenary, Khalid M. Gaafar, Reham Abou‐Elkhair, Robert G. Elkin, John W. Boney and Kevin J. Harvatine
Lipids 57 (1) 57 (2022)

Fatty acid profile in the breast and thigh muscles of the slow- and fast-growing birds under the same management system

M. I. Nur Mahiza, H. I. Lokman and E. B. Ibitoye
Tropical Animal Health and Production 53 (4) (2021)

Quality evaluation of breast meat from chickens fed cassava leaf meal-based diets

Archibold G. Bakare, Panapasa Cawaki, Ilaitia Ledua, Vingelle Bautista-Jimenez, Gurdeep Kour, Ami C. Sharma and Eroni Tamani
Animal Production Science 61 (6) 613 (2021)

Rapid extraction of total lipids and lipophilic POPs from all EU-regulated foods of animal origin: Smedes’ method revisited and enhanced

Johannes Haedrich, Claudia Stumpf and Michael S. Denison
Environmental Sciences Europe 32 (1) (2020)

Ultrasound-assisted preparation of flaxseed oil nanoemulsions coated with alginate-whey protein for targeted delivery of omega-3 fatty acids into the lower sections of gastrointestinal tract to enrich broiler meat

Fatemeh Abbasi, Firooz Samadi, Seid Mahdi Jafari, Sanaz Ramezanpour and Mahmoud Shams Shargh
Ultrasonics Sonochemistry 50 208 (2019)

Effects of PUFAs on animal reproduction: male and female performances and endocrine mechanisms

Margherita Maranesi, Cesare Castellini, Cecilia Dall’Aglio, Linda Petrucci, Simona Mattioli, Cristiano Boiti and Massimo Zerani
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Effects of dietary lysine level on the content and fatty acid composition of intramuscular fat in late-stage finishing pigs

Taiji Wang, Mark A. Crenshaw, Naresh Regmi, Brian J. Rude, M. Shamimul Hasan, Anuraj T. Sukumaran, Thu Dinh, Shengfa F. Liao and J. Plaizier
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Effect of dietary sources of n-3 fatty acids on pig performance and technological, nutritional and sensory qualities of pork

A. de Tonnac and J. Mourot
Animal 12 (7) 1527 (2018)

Meat quality characteristics of chickens as influenced by housing system, sex, and genetic line interactions

Xiaoling Zhao, Wenshi Ren, Paul B. Siegel, Juan Li, Yan Wang, Huadong Yin, Yao Zhang, Shuang Lai, Gang Shu and Qing Zhu
Italian Journal of Animal Science 17 (2) 462 (2018)

The Effect of Different Dietary Fats on the Fatty Acid Composition of Several Tissues in Broiler Chickens

Khaled Kanakri, John Carragher, Robert Hughes, Beverly Muhlhausler and Robert Gibson
European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology 120 (1) 1700237 (2018)

Feeding steam-pelleted rapeseed affects expression of genes involved in hepatic lipid metabolism and fatty acid composition of chicken meat

S. Li, A. Schiller Vestergren, H. Wall, S. Trattner, J. Pickova and E. Ivarsson
Poultry Science 96 (8) 2965 (2017)

Dietary inclusion of fish oil changes the semen lipid composition but does not improve the post-thaw semen quality of ram spermatozoa

Rommy Díaz, Mariana A. Torres, Erwin Paz, John Quiñones, Silvana Bravo, Jorge G. Farías and Néstor Sepúlveda
Animal Reproduction Science 183 132 (2017)

Dietary linseed oil supplemented with organic selenium improved the fatty acid nutritional profile, muscular selenium deposition, water retention, and tenderness of fresh pork

Jiang Jiang, Xinyue Tang, Yan Xue, Gang Lin and Youling L. Xiong
Meat Science 131 99 (2017)

Effects of Dietary n-6:n-3 PUFA Ratios on Lipid Levels and Fatty Acid Profile of Cherry Valley Ducks at 15–42 Days of Age

Mengmeng Li, Shuangshuang Zhai, Qiang Xie, Lu Tian, Xiaocun Li, Jiaming Zhang, Hui Ye, Yongwen Zhu, Lin Yang and Wence Wang
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Pig fatness in relation to FASN and INSIG2 genes polymorphism and their transcript level

Maria Grzes, Slawomir Sadkowski, Katarzyna Rzewuska, Maciej Szydlowski and Marek Switonski
Molecular Biology Reports 43 (5) 381 (2016)

Effect of Sunflower, Linseed and Soybean Meal in Pig Diet on Chemical Composition, Fatty Acid Profile of Meat and Backfat, and Its Oxidative Stability

Vesna Đorđević, Jasna Đorđević, Milan Baltić Ž., Milica Laudanović, Vlado Teodorović, Marija Bošković, Mile Peurača and Radmila Marković
Acta Veterinaria 66 (3) 359 (2016)

How Muscle Structure and Composition Influence Meat and Flesh Quality

Anne Listrat, Bénédicte Lebret, Isabelle Louveau, Thierry Astruc, Muriel Bonnet, Louis Lefaucheur, Brigitte Picard and Jérôme Bugeon
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Effect ofα-linolenic acid and DHA intake on lipogenesis and gene expression involved in fatty acid metabolism in growing-finishing pigs

A. De Tonnac, E. Labussière, A. Vincent and J. Mourot
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Effect of wheat dried distillers grains and enzyme supplementation on growth rates, feed conversion ratio and beef fatty acid profile in feedlot steers

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Fatty acids composition, cholesterol and vitamin E contents of Longissimus dorsi and Semitendinosus muscles of Suino Nero Lucano pigs slaughtered at two different weights

Annamaria Perna, Amalia Simonetti, Immacolata Intaglietta and Emilio Gambacorta
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Effect of introducing hemp oil into feed on the nutritional quality of pig meat

Jacques Mourot and Mathieu Guillevic
OCL 22 (6) D612 (2015)

A Review on the Role of EPA and DHA Through Goat Nutrition to Human Health: Could they be Effective both to Animals and Humans?

Alessandro Agazzi
Journal of Dairy, Veterinary & Animal Research 2 (2) (2015)

Longer consumption of flaxseed oil enhances n‐3 fatty acid content of chicken meat and expression of FADS2 gene

Reza Mirshekar, Fathollah Boldaji, Behrouz Dastar, Ahad Yamchi and Somayeh Pashaei
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Fatty acid composition and regression prediction of fatty acid concentration in edible chicken tissues

N. Puvača, D. LukaČ, D. Ljubojević, V. Stanaćev, M. Beuković, Lj. Kostadinović and N. Plavša
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Effect of White Striping on Chemical Composition and Nutritional Value of Chicken Breast Meat

Massimiliano Petracci, Samer Mudalal, Elena Babini and Claudio Cavani
Italian Journal of Animal Science 13 (1) 3138 (2014)

Differential effects of reduced protein diets on fatty acid composition and gene expression in muscle and subcutaneous adipose tissue of Alentejana purebred and Large White × Landrace × Pietrain crossbred pigs

Marta S. Madeira, Virgínia M. R. Pires, Cristina M. Alfaia, Ana S. H. Costa, Richard Luxton, Olena Doran, Rui J. B. Bessa and José A. M. Prates
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Effect of a supplementation of Euphorbia heterophylla on nutritional meat quality of Guinea pig (Cavia porcellus L.)

N'Goran David Vincent Kouakou, Jean-François Grongnet, Nogbou Emmanuel Assidjo, Eric Thys, Pierre-Guy Marnet, Daniel Catheline, Philippe Legrand and Maryline Kouba
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The effect ofα-tocopherol, sweet chestnut wood extract and their combination on oxidative stressin vivoand the oxidative stability of meat in broilers

M. Voljč, A. Levart, S. Žgur and J. Salobir
British Poultry Science 54 (1) 144 (2013)

Consumption of Dietary n-3 Fatty Acids Decreases Fat Deposition and Adipocyte Size, but Increases Oxidative Susceptibility in Broiler Chickens

Gemma González-Ortiz, Roser Sala, Elisa Cánovas, Nourhène Abed and Ana C. Barroeta
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Effect of palm oil and soya bean oil on growth performance and health of rabbit before and after weaning

Bouatene Djakalia, Bohoua Louis Guichard and Assemand Emma Fernande
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Blood and tissue fatty acid compositions, lipoprotein levels, performance and meat flavor of broilers fed fish oil: changes in the pre- and post-withdrawal design

N. Aghaei, A. Safamehr, Y. Mehmannavaz and S. Chekaniazar
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Effect of 1,3,5,8-tetrahydroxyxanthone on carcass characteristics and meat quality traits in pigs

Hong-Bo Xiao, Fang Jun and Zhi-Liang Sun
Animal Production Science 52 (11) 991 (2012)

A review of nutritional effects on fat composition of animal products with special emphasis on n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids

Maryline Kouba and Jacques Mourot
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Effect of a linseed diet on lipogenesis, fatty acid composition and stearoyl-CoA-desaturase in rabbits

F. Benatmane, M. Kouba, A. Youyou and J. Mourot
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HMG1A and PPARG are differently expressed in the liver of fat and lean broilers

Tatiana A. Larkina, Anna L. Sazanova, Kirill A. Fomichev, Olga Y. Barkova, Tadeusz Malewski, Kazimierz Jaszczak and Alexei A. Sazanov
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Quantitative Trait Loci and Candidate Genes Affecting Fatty Acid Composition in Cattle and Pig

Dyah Maharani, Cheo-Run Jo, Jin-Tae Jeon and Jun-Heon Lee
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Cholesterol Content and Methods for Cholesterol Determination in Meat and Poultry

Thu T. N. Dinh, Leslie D. Thompson, Michael L. Galyean, J Chance Brooks, Kristine Y. Patterson and L. Mallory Boylan
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Association of Polymorphism in The Coding Region of THRSP Gene With Lipogenesis Capability in Pigs*

Qian-Qian ZHOU, Hong-Quan CHEN, Han-Qing WEI, Jie QIN, Hua CHEN and Yi-Peng ZHANG

Effect of a linseed diet on lipid composition, lipid peroxidation and consumer evaluation of French fresh and cooked pork meats

M. Guillevic, M. Kouba and J. Mourot
Meat Science 81 (4) 612 (2009)

BOARD-INVITED REVIEW: The biology and regulation of preadipocytes and adipocytes in meat animals1,2

G. J. Hausman, M. V. Dodson, K. Ajuwon, M. Azain, K. M. Barnes, L. L. Guan, Z. Jiang, S. P. Poulos, R. D. Sainz, S. Smith, M. Spurlock, J. Novakofski, M. E. Fernyhough and W. G. Bergen
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Effect of supplementation of the maternal diet with fish oil or linseed oil on fatty-acid composition and expression of Δ5- and Δ6-desaturase in tissues of female piglets

J. Missotten, S. De Smet, K. Raes and O. Doran
Animal 3 (8) 1196 (2009)

The dynamic transfer of 3H and 14C in mammals: a proposed generic model

D. Galeriu, A. Melintescu, N. A. Beresford, H. Takeda and N. M. J. Crout
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Omega-3-enriched broiler meat: 3. Fatty acid distribution between triacylglycerol and phospholipid classes

M. Betti, T.I. Perez, M.J. Zuidhof and R.A. Renema
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Compared development of intermuscular and subcutaneous fat in carcass and primal cuts of growing pigs from 30 to 140kg body weight

M. Kouba and M. Bonneau
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Effect of a linseed diet or a sunflower diet on performances, fatty acid composition, lipogenic enzyme activities and stearoyl-CoA-desaturase activity in the pig

Mathieu Guillevic, Maryline Kouba and Jacques Mourot
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A non-synonymous mutation in a conserved site of theMTTPgene is strongly associated with protein activity and fatty acid profile in pigs

J. Estellé, A. I. Fernández, M. Pérez-Enciso, A. Fernández, C. Rodríguez, A. Sánchez, J. L. Noguera and J. M. Folch
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Lipid composition of meat and backfat from Casertana purebred and crossbred pigs reared outdoors

G. Salvatori, F. Filetti, C. Di Cesare, G. Maiorano, F. Pilla and G. Oriani
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Significance of fat supplemented diets on pork quality – Connections between specific fatty acids and sensory attributes of pork

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Plant extracts rich in polyphenols (PERP) are efficient antioxidants to prevent lipoperoxidation in plasma lipids from animals fed n−3 PUFA supplemented diets

C. Gladine, C. Morand, E. Rock, D. Bauchart and D. Durand
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Fatty acid and volatile compounds from salami manufactured with yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis) extract and pork back fat and meat from pigs fed on diets with partial replacement of maize with rice bran

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The effects of genotype and overfeeding on fat level and composition of adipose and muscle tissues in ducks

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Enrichissement de l’alimentation des animaux avec les acides gras ω-3 : Impact sur la valeur nutritionnelle de leurs produits pour l’homme

Jean-Marie Bourre
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Effects of dietary olive and linseed oil on lipid composition, meat quality, sensory characteristics and muscle structure in pigs

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Body fat content, composition and distribution in Landrace and Iberian finishing pigs given ad libitum maize- and acorn-sorghum-maize-based diets

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