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Differential ovulation responses in nulliparous and multiparous rabbit females: A cannula-mediated study

María Pilar Viudes-de-Castro, Francisco Marco-Jiménez and José Salvador Vicente
Livestock Science 283 105475 (2024)

Method of measuring effects of study procedures in single and pair housed New Zealand White rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus)

Rosemary V. Santos, Siddhartha Bhatt, Stephen Foote, Donna Church, Ricardo Fernandes, Jan Bernal and Laura Singer
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Effect of group size and escape enrichment on reproductive performance of breeding does in part-time group housing

Liesbeth G. W. Van Damme, Evelyne Delezie, Luc Maertens, Bart Ampe and Frank A. M. Tuyttens
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Social behaviour and personality profiles of breeding does housed part-time in group.

Liesbeth G.W. Van Damme, Bart Ampe, Evelyne Delezie, Jorine Rommers and Frank A.M. Tuyttens
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Effects of group size and cage enrichment on social behaviour and skin injuries of breeding rabbits housed part-time in group

Liesbeth G.W. Van Damme, Bart Ampe, Evelyne Delezie and Frank A.M. Tuyttens
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Timing of part-time group housing for farm rabbits: Effects on reproductive performance, skin injuries and behaviour

Liesbeth G.W. Van Damme, Evelyne Delezie, Bart Ampe and Frank A.M. Tuyttens
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The impact of providing hiding spaces to farmed animals: A scoping review

Hannah B. Spitzer, Rebecca K. Meagher, Kathryn L. Proudfoot and Angel Abuelo
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Effect of Bovine Colostrum Dietary Supplementation on Rabbit Meat Quality

Marta Castrica, Laura Menchetti, Stella Agradi, Giulio Curone, Daniele Vigo, Grazia Pastorelli, Alessia Di Giancamillo, Silvia Clotilde Modina, Federica Riva, Valentina Serra, Dino Miraglia, Egon Andoni, Gabriele Brecchia and Claudia Maria Balzaretti
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A multifactorial evaluation of different reproductive rhythms and housing systems for improving welfare in rabbit does

Chiara Munari, Patrizia Ponzio, Elisabetta Macchi, et al.
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Effect of different housing systems (single and group penning) on the health and welfare of commercial female rabbits

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Animal 14 (6) 1270 (2020)

Effect of different management protocols for grouping does on aggression and dominance hierarchies

Chiara Munari, Cecilia Mugnai, Michèle Braconnier, Michael Jeffrey Toscano and Sabine G. Gebhardt-Henrich
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Agonistic behavior and social hierarchy in female domestic rabbits kept in semi-groups

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Assessing the Preference of Rabbit Does to Social Contact or Seclusion: Results of Different Investigations

Alessandro Dal Bosco, Alice Cartoni Mancinelli, Steffen Hoy, et al.
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Health and welfare of rabbits farmed in different production systems

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Development and establishment of a protocol of an individual aggressiveness test in breeding does

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Neuroanatomical distribution of oxytocin receptor binding in the female rabbit forebrain: Variations across the reproductive cycle

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In vivo imaging in the rabbit as a model for the study of ovulation-inducing factors

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Effects of semi-group housing and floor type on pododermatitis, spinal deformation and bone quality in rabbit does

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Effect of hiding places, straw and territory on aggression in group-housed rabbit does

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Epidemiologic survey in Swiss group-housed breeding rabbits: Extent of lesions and potential risk factors

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Effect of different rearing systems and pre-kindling handling on behaviour and performance of rabbit does

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