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Influence of prenatal corticosteroid therapy on neonatal vitality and utility as a labor-inducing agent in Santa Inês ewes

Elisiane Sateles dos Santos, Rodrigo Freitas Bittencourt, Gleice Mendes Xavier, Carmo Emanuel Almeida Biscarde, Isabella de Matos Brandão Carneiro, Mateus Martins Rodrigues dos Santos and Antonio de Lisboa Ribeiro Filho
Animal Reproduction 21 (1) (2024)

The supplementation of female dogs with live yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. boulardii CNCM I-1079 acts as gut stabilizer at whelping and modulates immunometabolic phenotype of the puppies

Quentin Garrigues, Amélie Mugnier, Sylvie Chastant, Flavie Sicard, Jean-Charles Martin, Ljubica Svilar, Mathieu Castex, Manuel Guillermo Ramis-Vidal, Nicoletta Rovere, Laurine Michaud, Pauline David, Elodie Mansalier, Ana Rodiles, Hanna Mila and Emmanuelle Apper
Frontiers in Nutrition 11 (2024)

Maternal and neonatal factors affecting neonatal behaviour in West African Dwarf goats

Ibn Iddriss Abdul-Rahman and Z. Aguli
Tropical Animal Health and Production 56 (1) (2024)

Exploring the Potential of Machine Learning Algorithms Associated with the Use of Inertial Sensors for Goat Kidding Detection

Pedro Gonçalves, Maria do Rosário Marques, Ana Teresa Belo, António Monteiro, João Morais, Ivo Riegel and Fernando Braz
Animals 14 (6) 938 (2024)

The influence of the number of lambs present on the suckling behaviour of triplet-rearing ewes at pasture

Rene A. Corner-Thomas, Rachel Shanks and Ngaio J. Beausoleil
New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research 67 (3) 372 (2024)

Biochemical properties of sheep colostrum and its potential benefits for lamb survival: a review

Umar Farooq, Sohail Ahmed, Guiqiong Liu, Xunping Jiang, Huiguo Yang, Jianping Ding and Mehboob Ali
Animal Biotechnology 35 (1) (2024)

Postnatal maternal behaviour expression depends on lambing difficulty in Merino ewes

Amellia Redfearn, Estelle Janodet, Jody McNally, Heather Brewer, Emma Doyle, Rebecca Doyle and Sabine Schmoelzl
Theriogenology 196 31 (2023)

A Trace Mineral Injection before Joining and Lambing Increases Marking Percentages and Lamb Weights on Diverse Farms in Victoria, Australia

Paula A. Gonzalez-Rivas, Graham R. Lean, Michael Chambers and Jerry Liu
Animals 13 (1) 178 (2023)

Colostrum traits and newborn body weight and growth: comparison between single and twin underfed sheep pregnancies

Jesús Turín, Francisco Sales, Oscar A. Peralta, Mónica De los Reyes, Consuelo Borie, Albert Carrasco, Antonio González-Bulnes and Víctor H. Parraguez
Frontiers in Veterinary Science 10 (2023)

Preventive herd management practices and their effect on lamb mortality in Ethiopia

E. Genfors, U. Magnusson, M. M. Moliso, B. Wieland, U. König, G. S. Hallenberg and R. Båge
Tropical Animal Health and Production 55 (1) (2023)

Effect of prolific breed type and silage type on ewe performance during late pregnancy

J.T. Higgins, S. Lott, M. Markiewicz-Keszycka, M.B. Lynch, M. McEvoy, F. McGovern and T.M. Boland
Small Ruminant Research 223 106981 (2023)

Epigenetic mechanism of Gtl2-miRNAs causes the primitive sheep characteristics found in purebred Merino sheep

Jiankui Wang, Guoying Hua, Jianfei Chen, Kai Cui, Zu Yang, Deping Han, Xue Yang, Xianggui Dong, Yuhao Ma, Ganxian Cai, Yuanyuan Zhang, Jinnan Li, Yurong Tai, Lai Da, Xinhai Li, Lina Ma, Qing Ma, Rui Li, Jianbin Liu, Hesham Y. A. Darwish, Keliang Wu, Weiheng Rong, Wansheng Liu, Yaofeng Zhao and Xuemei Deng
Cell & Bioscience 13 (1) (2023)

Vitality in Newborn Farm Animals: Adverse Factors, Physiological Responses, Pharmacological Therapies, and Physical Methods to Increase Neonate Vigor

Cécile Bienboire-Frosini, Ramon Muns, Míriam Marcet-Rius, Angelo Gazzano, Dina Villanueva-García, Julio Martínez-Burnes, Adriana Domínguez-Oliva, Karina Lezama-García, Alejandro Casas-Alvarado and Daniel Mota-Rojas
Animals 13 (9) 1542 (2023)

Doğumu Erken Uyarılan Koyunlarda Kuzuların Neonatal Yaşama Kabiliyetlerinin Araştırılması

Nebi ÇETİN and İbrahim TAŞAL
Van Veterinary Journal 34 (1) 55 (2023)

Wearable Device to Monitor Sheep Behavior

Victoria Campiotti, Nicolás Finozzi, Juan Irazoqui, Varinia Cabrera, Rodolfo Ungerfeld and Julián Oreggioni
IEEE Embedded Systems Letters 15 (2) 89 (2023)

Changes in colostrum ingredients of Hu sheep, as well as the missense mutation genes associated with colostrum yield

Aimin Zhou, Yuqing Chong, Guiqiong Liu, Xunping Jiang, Yongjie Huang, Dongdong Bo, Qiusong Guo, Ruixue Hu, Shaxuan Chi, Mingjing Wang, Yinan Yan, Ling Sun and Xin Mao
Animal Biotechnology 34 (4) 1492 (2023)

Ewe udder and teat traits as potential selection criteria for improvement of Merino lamb survival and growth

E.G. Smith, B.C. Hine, G.A. Acton, A.M. Bell, E.K. Doyle and J.L. Smith
Small Ruminant Research 225 107019 (2023)

The protective role of maternal genetic immunization on maternal‐fetal health and welfare

Sohail Ahmed, Xunping Jiang, Guiqiong Liu, Huiguo Yang, Amber Sadiq, Ding Yi, Umar Farooq, Sha Yiyu and Muhammad Zubair
International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics 163 (3) 763 (2023)

Effects of lamb sex and ewe parity on suckling-related neonatal behaviors and weaning weight of small-tailed han lambs

Chengquan Han, Yueshang Wang, Fukuan Li, Zhennan Wang, Yan Yang, Shenjin Lv and Hui Wang
Journal of Veterinary Behavior 59 36 (2023)

Assessment of Vitality, Blood Profile, and Degree of Meconium Staining on the Skin in Newborn Dogs According to Its Birth Weight

Karina Lezama-García, Julio Martínez-Burnes, Uri Baqueiro-Espinosa, Adriana Olmos-Hernández, Ismael Hernández-Ávalos, Adriana Domínguez-Oliva and Daniel Mota-Rojas
Veterinary Sciences 10 (7) 453 (2023)

Strategies and Mechanisms of Thermal Compensation in Newborn Water Buffaloes

Daniel Mota-Rojas, Ada Braghieri, Marcelo Ghezzi, María Carolina Ceriani, Julio Martínez-Burnes, Pamela Anahí Lendez, Alfredo M. F. Pereira, Karina Lezama-García, Adriana Domínguez-Oliva, Alejandro Casas-Alvarado, Emilio Sabia, Corrado Pacelli and Fabio Napolitano
Animals 13 (13) 2161 (2023)

Short-term energy supplementation before lambing improves maternal behaviour, udder volume, colostrum viscosity and lamb birthweight in ewes under extensive grazing

María Laura Villar, Celso Gabriel Giraudo and Marcela Isabel Cueto
Small Ruminant Research 219 106893 (2023)

A meta-analysis of the effects of colostrum heat treatment on colostral viscosity, immunoglobulin G concentration, and the transfer of passive immunity in newborn dairy calves

A. Rabaza, M. Fraga, A. Mendoza and F. Giannitti
Journal of Dairy Science 106 (10) 7203 (2023)

Neonatal mortality of lambs in production systems in a semi-arid environment: main risk factors

J. D. C. dos Santos, E. P. Saraiva, E. C. Pimenta Filho, G. C. X. Neta, L. K. C. Morais, H. S. Teti and S. S. Fidelis
The Journal of Agricultural Science 1 (2023)

Programmed parturition assistance (PPA) in primiparous wool-type ewes improves mother-lamb behaviour at lambing

Mariel Regueiro, Ezequiel Jorge-Smeding, Fernando Baldi, Agustina Idiarte Borda, Carlos López-Mazz and Georgget Banchero
Applied Animal Behaviour Science 265 105980 (2023)

Use of a Visual Scoring System to Assess External Udder Conformation and Its Relationship to Colostrum Quality and Lamb Growth Rates

Haley Richardson, Amin Ahmadzadeh and Denise Konetchy
Animals 13 (18) 2900 (2023)

Shelter and shade for grazing sheep: implications for animal welfare and production and for landscape health

David G. Masters, Dominique Blache, Amy L. Lockwood, Shane K. Maloney, Hayley C. Norman, Gordon Refshauge, Serina N. Hancock and Alan Tilbrook
Animal Production Science 63 (7) 623 (2023)

Lambing event detection using deep learning from accelerometer data

Kirk E. Turner, Ferdous Sohel, Ian Harris, Mark Ferguson and Andrew Thompson
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 208 107787 (2023)

Herd health and reproductive management associated with lamb weight gain and mortality in sub-Saharan drylands—a case from Ethiopia

Elisabeth Genfors, Sara Lysholm, Mesfin Mekonnen Moliso, Firdawok Ayele, Barbara Wieland, Ulf Magnusson and Renée Båge
Tropical Animal Health and Production 55 (5) (2023)

What Do We Know and Need to Know About Weaning in Sheep? An Overview of Weaning Practises, Stress and Welfare

Aline Freitas-de-Melo, Agustín Orihuela, Maria José Hötzel and Rodolfo Ungerfeld
Frontiers in Animal Science 3 (2022)

Chitosan Oligosaccharide Supplementation Affects Immunity Markers in Ewes and Lambs during Gestation and Lactation

Marefa Jahan, Cara Wilson, Shawn McGrath, Nidhish Francis, Peter C. Wynn, Yuguang Du, Bruce Allworth and Bing Wang
Animals 12 (19) 2609 (2022)

Comparison between pulse oximetry and venous blood gas analyses to assess lamb asphyxia at parturition

Mariel Regueiro, Ezequiel Jorge-Smeding, Anderson Saravia, Carlos López-Mazz and Georgget Banchero
Small Ruminant Research 210 106665 (2022)

Neonatal infrared thermography images in the hypothermic ruminant model: Anatomical-morphological-physiological aspects and mechanisms for thermoregulation

Daniel Mota-Rojas, Dehua Wang, Cristiane Gonçalves Titto, Julio Martínez-Burnes, Dina Villanueva-García, Karina Lezama, Adriana Domínguez, Ismael Hernández-Avalos, Patricia Mora-Medina, Antonio Verduzco, Adriana Olmos-Hernández, Alejandro Casas, Daniela Rodríguez, Nancy José, Jennifer Rios and Alessandra Pelagalli
Frontiers in Veterinary Science 9 (2022)

Birth, colostrum, and vigour traits of lambs born from Corriedale ewes grazing native pastures supplemented during the peripartum period

Julio Olivera-Muzante, Sergio Fierro, Juan Manuel Durán, José Antognazza, Santiago Sánchez, Fernando Dutra, Fernando Baldi and Georgget Banchero
Small Ruminant Research 216 106795 (2022)

Some reproductive and gynecological characteristics of Morkaraman ewes

Bekir YILMAZ, Buket BOĞA KURU and Mushap KURU
Journal of Advances in VetBio Science and Techniques 7 (3) 274 (2022)

A live yeast supplementation to gestating ewes improves bioactive molecule composition in colostrum with no impact on its bacterial composition and beneficially affects immune status of the offspring

Lysiane Dunière, Justin B. Renaud, Michael A. Steele, Caroline S. Achard, Evelyne Forano and Frédérique Chaucheyras-Durand
Journal of Nutritional Science 11 (2022)

Positive Aspects of Welfare in Sheep: Current Debates and Future Opportunities

Mukhtar Muhammad, Jessica E. Stokes and Louise Manning
Animals 12 (23) 3265 (2022)


Taylor N. Bliss, Matt J. Marinkovich, Rachel E. Burns, Cody Carroll, Meredith M. Clancy and Lauren L. Howard
Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 53 (1) (2022)

Early Blood Analysis and Gas Exchange Monitoring in the Canine Neonate: Effect of Dam’s Size and Birth Order

Brenda Reyes-Sotelo, Asahi Ogi, Patricia Mora-Medina, Chiara Mariti, Adriana Olmos-Hernández, Ismael Hernández-Ávalos, Adriana Domínguez-Oliva, Marcelino Evodio Rosas, Antonio Verduzco-Mendoza and Angelo Gazzano
Animals 12 (12) 1508 (2022)

Maternal oral supplementation with citrulline increases plasma citrulline but not arginine in pregnant Merino ewes and neonatal lambs

Niki McCarthy, Billie-Jaye Brougham, Alyce M. Swinbourne, Alice C. Weaver, Jennifer M. Kelly, Kathryn L. Gatford, David O. Kleemann, William H. E. J. van Wettere and Markandeya Jois
Animal Production Science 62 (6) 521 (2022)

Relation between the Dam’s Weight on Superficial Temperature of Her Puppies at Different Stages of the Post-Partum

Karina Lezama-García, Julio Martínez-Burnes, Juan Carlos Pérez-Jiménez, Adriana Domínguez-Oliva, Patricia Mora-Medina, Adriana Olmos-Hernández, Ismael Hernández-Ávalos and Daniel Mota-Rojas
Veterinary Sciences 9 (12) 673 (2022)

Strategies for Hypothermia Compensation in Altricial and Precocial Newborn Mammals and Their Monitoring by Infrared Thermography

Karina Lezama-García, Daniel Mota-Rojas, Julio Martínez-Burnes, Dina Villanueva-García, Adriana Domínguez-Oliva, Jocelyn Gómez-Prado, Patricia Mora-Medina, Alejandro Casas-Alvarado, Adriana Olmos-Hernández, Paola Soto and Ramon Muns
Veterinary Sciences 9 (5) 246 (2022)

Maternal deprivation and milk replacement affect the integrity of gray and white matter in the developing lamb brain

Scott A. Love, Emmanuelle Haslin, Manon Bellardie, Frédéric Andersson, Laurent Barantin, Isabelle Filipiak, Hans Adriaensen, Csilla L. Fazekas, Laurène Leroy, Dóra Zelena, Mélody Morisse, Frédéric Elleboudt, Christian Moussu, Frédéric Lévy, Raymond Nowak and Elodie Chaillou
Developmental Neurobiology 82 (2) 214 (2022)

Transcriptomic Profiling of Circular RNAs in the Goat Rumen During Fetal and Prepubertal Period

Tao Zhong, Cheng Wang, Meng Wang, Siyuan Zhan, Aline Freitas-de-Melo, Linjie Wang, Jiaxue Cao, Dinghui Dai, Jiazhong Guo, Li Li, Hongping Zhang and Lili Niu
Frontiers in Physiology 13 (2022)

Impact of different dexamethasone treatment protocols in goats for preterm neonatal outcomes

Luis Gustavo Narciso, Jefferson Filgueira Alcindo, Fernanda Bovino, Juliane Teramachi Trevizan, Dielson da Silva Vieira, Breno Fernando Martins de Almeida and Francisco Leydson Formiga Feitosa
Small Ruminant Research 216 106818 (2022)

Suckling behavior of calves in seasonally calving pasture-based dairy systems, and possible environmental and management factors affecting suckling behaviors

E.L. Cuttance, W.A. Mason, J. McDermott and R.A. Laven
Journal of Dairy Science 105 (7) 6094 (2022)

Major differences between single or twin hair lambs in the immediate postpartum period: Metabolic and thermodynamic patterns detected by infrared thermography

Marco Antonio Paula de Sousa, Sérgio Novita Esteves, André Guimarães Maciel e Silva, Felipe Zandonadi Brandão, Luciara Celi Chaves Daher, José Ricardo Macedo Pezzopane, Caio Augusto Volante, Andréa do Nascimento Barreto and Alexandre Rossetto Garcia
Journal of Thermal Biology 107 103258 (2022)

The effects of some factors on the time to first successful stand up and sucking of native lambs after parturition

Ömer Faruk Güngör, Necmettin Ünal, Ceyhan Özbeyaz and Halil Akçapınar
Tropical Animal Health and Production 54 (5) (2022)

Energy Supplementation during the Last Third of Gestation Improves Mother–Young Bonding in Goats

Juan M. Vázquez-García, Gregorio Álvarez-Fuentes, Héctor O. Orozco-Gregorio, Juan C. García-López, Milagros González-Hernández and César A. Rosales-Nieto
Animals 11 (2) 287 (2021)

Short communication: Comparative estimation of colostrum quality by Brix refractometry in bovine, caprine, and ovine colostrum

E.C. Kessler, R.M. Bruckmaier and J.J. Gross
Journal of Dairy Science 104 (2) 2438 (2021)

Evaluation of the tri-axial accelerometer to identify and predict parturition-related activities of Debouillet ewes in an intensive setting

Sara C. Gurule, Colin T. Tobin, Derek W. Bailey and Jennifer A. Hernandez Gifford
Applied Animal Behaviour Science 237 105296 (2021)

Promoting viable twin birth on single-bearing ewes in the Arabian Gulf region: reproductive, nutritional, and economic perspectives

Moustafa M. Zeitoun, Moyosore J. Adegbeye and Abdelfattah Z. Salem
Tropical Animal Health and Production 53 (6) (2021)

Mismothering and remedying the mother-young relationship in stabled dromedary camels

Imen Hammadi, Mohamed Chniter, Marwa Brahmi, Moufida Atigui, Mohamed Dhia Bouzaida, Mouldi-Mabrouk Seddik, Raymond Nowak, Gustavo Adolfo María and Mohamed Hammadi
Applied Animal Behaviour Science 243 105424 (2021)

Maternal lysine, methionine and choline supplementation in twin-bearing Merino ewes during mid-to-late gestation does not alter pregnancy outcomes or progeny growth and survival

Niki McCarthy, Alice C. Weaver, Bianca Agenbag, Tom Flinn, Billie-Jaye Brougham, Alyce M. Swinbourne, Jennifer M. Kelly, David O. Kleemann, Kathryn L. Gatford and William H.E.J. van Wettere
Livestock Science 251 104620 (2021)

Supplementing lycopene combined with corn improves circulating IgG concentration in pregnant ewes and their lambs

R. Fallah, Ali Kiani and M. Khaldari
Tropical Animal Health and Production 53 (3) (2021)

The effect of twinship on mineral matter, immunoglobulin G and lamb birth weight in late pregnant ewes and their newborn lambs

Kudret YENİLMEZ, Sezai ARSLAN, Servet KILIÇ and Hasan ATALAY
Van Veterinary Journal 32 (2) 62 (2021)

Blood Biomarker Profile Alterations in Newborn Canines: Effect of the Mother′s Weight

Brenda Reyes-Sotelo, Daniel Mota-Rojas, Patricia Mora-Medina, Asahi Ogi, Chiara Mariti, Adriana Olmos-Hernández, Julio Martínez-Burnes, Ismael Hernández-Ávalos, Jose Sánchez-Millán and Angelo Gazzano
Animals 11 (8) 2307 (2021)

Stress during first gestation of ewes impairs memory and learning of male offspring

F. L. Henrique, A. J. Zanella, H. V. A. Bezerra, H. Z. Polato, A. C. Fernandes, H. B. Hooper, L. F. Pulido-Rodríguez, E. A. L. Titto, A. M. F. Pereira and C. G. Titto
Veterinary Research Communications 45 (4) 251 (2021)

Suitability of Protein Content Measured by MilkoScan FT-Plus Milk Analyzer to Evaluate Bovine and Ovine Colostrum Quality

Anna Antonella Spina, Carlotta Ceniti, Francesca Trimboli, Domenico Britti and Vincenzo Lopreiato
Animals 11 (9) 2587 (2021)

Validation of hand-held refractometers for assessing Merino ewe colostrum and neonatal lamb serum

Alyce M. Swinbourne, Nada Blagojevic, Nicholas J. Murdock, Holly B. Mills, Tom Flinn, Niki L. McCarthy, Jennifer M. Kelly, David O. Kleemann, William H. E. J. van Wettere and Alan Tilbrook
Animal Production Science 62 (3) 284 (2021)

Management of Low Birth Weight in Canine and Feline Species: Breeder Profiling

Amélie Mugnier, Sylvie Chastant, Claude Saegerman, Virginie Gaillard, Aurélien Grellet and Hanna Mila
Animals 11 (10) 2953 (2021)

Effects of parity, litter size and lamb sex on maternal behavior of small Tail Han sheep and their neuroendocrine mechanisms

Hui Wang, Chengquan Han, Min Li, Fukuan Li, Yan Yang, Zhennan Wang and Shenjin Lv
Small Ruminant Research 202 106451 (2021)

Passive immunity in lambs: Colostral and serum γ-glutamyltransferase as a predictor of IgG concentration and related to the diseases from birth to 12 weeks of life

E Gokce, A Haydar Kirmizigul, O Atakisi, M Kuru and H Metin Erdogan
Veterinární medicína 66 (2) 45 (2021)

Caffeine: A potential strategy to improve survival of neonatal pigs and sheep

Alyce M. Swinbourne, Karen L. Kind, Tom Flinn, David O. Kleemann and William H.E.J. van Wettere
Animal Reproduction Science 226 106700 (2021)

Exogenous surfactant replacement immediately at birth as preventive therapy for lung prematurity in neonatal lambs

Liege CG. Silva, Daniel SR. Angrimani, Fernanda M. Regazzi, Cristina F. Lúcio, Gisele AL. Veiga, Claudia B. Fernandes and Camila I. Vannucchi
Theriogenology 171 14 (2021)

Variation in the Ovine Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3 Beta-Interaction Protein Gene (GSKIP) Affects Carcass and Growth Traits in Romney Sheep

Fangfang Zhao, Huitong Zhou, Shaobin Li, Qingming An, Qian Fang, Yuzhu Luo and Jon G. H. Hickford
Animals 11 (9) 2690 (2021)

Aparecida de F. M. de Oliveira, Celia Raquel Quirino, Poliany de Oliveira Barbosa, Sandro José Abreu Rodrigues, Renan da Silva Fonseca, Ida Rúbia Machado Moulin, Afranio Aguiar de Oliveira and Caroline Teixeira Bonifácio

Duration of phase II of labour negatively affects maternal behaviour and lamb viability in wool-type primiparous ewes under extensive rearing

Mariel Regueiro, Carlos López-Mazz, Ezequiel Jorge-Smeding, Fernando Baldi and Georgget Banchero
Applied Animal Behaviour Science 234 105207 (2021)

Pre-Exposure of Early-Weaned Lambs to a Herb-Clover Mix Does Not Improve Their Subsequent Growth

Lukshman Jay. Ekanayake, Rene Anne Corner-Thomas, Lydia Margaret Cranston, Paul Richard Kenyon, Stephen Todd Morris and Sarah Jean Pain
Animals 10 (8) 1354 (2020)

Supplementing Merino ewes with melatonin during the last half of pregnancy improves tolerance of prolonged parturition and survival of second-born twin lambs

Tom Flinn, Niki L McCarthy, Alyce M Swinbourne, et al.
Journal of Animal Science 98 (12) (2020)

Effects of Melatonin Administration to Pregnant Ewes under Heat-Stress Conditions, in Redox Status and Reproductive Outcome

Efterpi Bouroutzika, Dimitrios Kouretas, Serafeim Papadopoulos, Aristidis S. Veskoukis, Ekaterini Theodosiadou, Sotiria Makri, Charilaos Paliouras, Marios-Lazaros Michailidis, Mariangela Caroprese and Irene Valasi
Antioxidants 9 (3) 266 (2020)

Lambs Weaned Early onto a Herb-Clover Mix Have the Potential to Grow at a Similar Rate to Unweaned Lambs on a Grass-Predominant Pasture

Lukshman Jay. Ekanayake, Rene Anne Corner-Thomas, Lydia Margaret Cranston, Paul Richard Kenyon and Stephen Todd Morris
Animals 10 (4) 613 (2020)

Influence of dog‐appeasing pheromone on canine maternal behaviour during the peripartum and neonatal periods

Natalia R Santos, Alexandra Beck, Thomas Blondel, Cindy Maenhoudt and Alain Fontbonne
Veterinary Record 186 (14) 449 (2020)

Compared to grouped lambing, isolation favorize calmer animals and faster mother-lamb recognition but not lambs’ survival in tropical hair sheep farms

Juan A. Escobedo-Canul, Pedro G. González-Pech, Carlos A. Sandoval-Castro, Ramón Cámara-Sarmiento and Luis Sarmiento-Franco
Applied Animal Behaviour Science 232 105112 (2020)

Revealing new tick-borne encephalitis virus foci by screening antibodies in sheep milk

Amélie Wallenhammar, Richard Lindqvist, Naveed Asghar, et al.
Parasites & Vectors 13 (1) (2020)

Artificial Grooming during Early Life could Boost the Activity and Human Affinity of Holstein Female Calves

Congcong Li, Jian Wang, Shuang Jin and Xianhong Gu
Animals 10 (2) 302 (2020)

A Survey of New South Wales Sheep Producer Practices and Perceptions on Lamb Mortality and Ewe Supplementation

Kayla Kopp, Marta Hernandez-Jover, Susan Robertson, Angel Abuelo and Michael Friend
Animals 10 (9) 1586 (2020)

Behaviour of twin- and triplet-born lambs and their dam 3 to 18 hours after birth is not a useful predictor of lamb survival to weaning

G. V. Gronqvist, R. E. Hickson, P. R. Kenyon, et al.
Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 33 (11) 1848 (2020)

Examining the Effects of Whole Crop Wheat Silage on Ewe Performance during Late Gestation Compared to Traditional Grass Silage across Three Prolific Breed Types

Jonathan T. Higgins, Dermot Campion, Joe Jones, Stephen Lott, M. Bridget Lynch, Mary McEvoy, Fiona McGovern and Tommy M. Boland
Animals 10 (9) 1554 (2020)

The Opuntia Effect Improves Dam-Kid Metabolic Markers, Augments Colostrum Quality and Enhances Kid-To-Dam Behavioral Interactions in Crossbred Goats and their Offspring under Semiarid-Rangeland Conditions

Francisco G. Véliz-Deras, César A. Meza-Herrera, Sharon Herrera-Hernandez, Arnoldo Flores-Hernández, Juan M. Guillén-Muñoz, Cayetano Navarrete-Molina, Silvestre Moreno-Avalos and Rafael Rodríguez-Martínez
Animals 10 (6) 931 (2020)

Residual vitellus and energetic state of wolf spiderlings Pardosa saltans after emergence from egg-sac until first predation

A. Laino, M. Cunningham, F. Garcia and M. Trabalon
Journal of Comparative Physiology B 190 (3) 261 (2020)

Do calcium and magnesium deficiencies in reproducing ewes contribute to high lamb mortality?

Michael A. Friend, Marie S. Bhanugopan, Shawn R. McGrath, et al.
Animal Production Science 60 (6) 733 (2020)

Is body surface temperature measured on the single lambs’ back a reliable indicator of the ewe-lamb bond around birth?

Ophélie Menant, Rodolfo Ungerfeld, Raquel Pérez-Clariget and Aline Freitas-de-Melo
Journal of Thermal Biology 93 102699 (2020)

Phenotypic relationships between maternal energy metabolism and lamb body weight development during lactation for pure- and crossbred sheep populations in low and high input production systems

J. Reintke, K. Brügemann, H. Wagner, et al.
Small Ruminant Research 183 106037 (2020)

Maternal nutrition and antioxidant supplementation: Effects on mother–young behaviors in a Patagonian sheep extensive grazing system

Francisco Sales, Victor H. Parraguez, Aline Freitas-de-Melo and Rodolfo Ungerfeld
Applied Animal Behaviour Science 228 105010 (2020)

Maternal Supplementation with Dietary Betaine during Gestation to Improve Twin Lamb Survival

Billie-Jaye Brougham, Alice C. Weaver, Alyce M.F. Swinbourne, Bobbie E. Lewis Baida, Jennifer M. Kelly, Simon K. Walker, David O. Kleemann and William H.E.J. van Wettere
Animals 10 (10) 1749 (2020)

Barley grain supplementation in late gestation to twin-bearing Merino ewes grazing high-biomass and high-quality pasture does not increase lamb survival

K. J. Kopp, S. M. Robertson and M. A. Friend
Animal Production Science 59 (3) 543 (2019)

A comparison of liveweight gain of lambs weaned early onto a herb-clover mixed sward and weaned conventionally onto a ryegrass-clover pasture and herb-clover mixed sward

W. E. M. L. J. Ekanayake, R. A. Corner-Thomas, L. M. Cranston, P. R. Kenyon and S. T. Morris
Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 32 (2) 201 (2019)

An investigation into the factors associated with ewe colostrum production

Frank P. Campion, Thomas F. Crosby, Philip Creighton, Alan G. Fahey and Tommy M. Boland
Small Ruminant Research 178 55 (2019)

Rheological characteristics of bovine colostrum and their correlation with immunoglobulin G

Carlotta Ceniti, Francesca Froiio, Domenico Britti, Donatella Paolino and Nicola Costanzo
International Journal of Dairy Technology 72 (3) 345 (2019)