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Reproductive performance of European‐breed ewes in different seasons of the year under mid‐latitude

Bruna Cristina Heinzen, Saulo Henrique Weber, Viviane Milczewski, Dhéri Maia, Luiz Ernandes Kozicki and Cristina Santos Sotomaior
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Ram Semen Cryopreservation for Portuguese Native Breeds: Season and Breed Effects on Semen Quality Variation

João Pedro Barbas, Jorge Pimenta, Maria Conceição Baptista, Carla Cruz Marques, Rosa Maria Lino Neto Pereira, Nuno Carolino and João Simões
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Effect of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Supplementation on Reproductive Performance and Ruminal Digestibility of Queue Fine de l’Ouest Adult Rams Fed a Wheat Straw-Based Diet

Samia Ben Saïd, Jihene Jabri, Sihem Amiri, Mohamed Aroua, Amel Najjar, Sana Khaldi, Zied Maalaoui, Mohamed Kammoun and Mokhtar Mahouachi
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Impact of food restriction on the medio‐basal hypothalamus of intact ewes as revealed by a large‐scale transcriptomics study

Hugues Dardente, Didier Lomet, Alice Desmarchais, Ophélie Téteau, Olivier Lasserre, Anne‐Alicia Gonzalez, Emeric Dubois, Massimiliano Beltramo and Sébastien Elis
Journal of Neuroendocrinology 34 (10) (2022)

Effect of Body Condition Score, Treatment Period and Month of the Previous Lambing on the Reproductive Resumption of Melatonin-Treated Sarda Breed Sheep during Spring

Luisa Pulinas, Giovanni Cosso, Maria Consuelo Mura, Melissa Carvajal-Serna, Hatem Ouled Ahmed, Vincenzo Carcangiu and Sebastiano Luridiana
Animals 11 (7) 1898 (2021)

Comparative Analysis and Identification of Differentially Expressed microRNAs in the Hypothalamus of Kazakh Sheep Exposed to Different Photoperiod Conditions

Heng Yang, Lin Fu, Qifeng Luo, Licai Li, Fangling Zheng, Xianxia Liu, Zongsheng Zhao, Zhiying Wang and Huihao Xu
Biochemistry (Moscow) 86 (10) 1315 (2021)

Effects of Three Semen Extenders, Breeding Season Month and Freezing–Thawing Cycle on Spermatozoa Preservation of Portuguese Merino Sheep

Margarida Fernandes, Pablo Rodríguez Hernández, João Simões and João Pedro Barbas
Animals 11 (9) 2619 (2021)

Сравнительный анализ и идентификация дифференциально экспрессируемых микроРНК в гипоталамусе овец казахской породы, помещенных в различные фотопериодические условия

H. Yang, L. Fu, Q. Luo, L. Li, F. Zheng, X. Liu, Z. Zhao, Z. Wang and H. Xu
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Pharmacological approaches to induce follicular growth and ovulation for fixed-time artificial insemination treatment regimens in ewes

D.C. Silveira, S.F. Vargas, F.C. Oliveira, R.M. Barbosa, N.W. Knabah, K.L. Goularte, A.D. Vieira, H. Baldassarre, B.G. Gasperin, R.G. Mondadori and T. Lucia
Animal Reproduction Science 228 106734 (2021)

Higher doses of Melatonin affect ovarian and middle uterine arteries vascular blood flow and induce oestrus earlier in acyclic ewes

Elshymaa A. Abdelnaby
Reproduction in Domestic Animals 55 (7) 763 (2020)

Effect of late gestational feed restriction and glucogenic precursor on behaviour and performance of Ghezel ewes and their offspring

Leila Ahmadzadeh, Ali Hosseinkhani, Akbar Taghizadeh, Babak Ghasemi-Panahi and Gholamreza Hamidian
Applied Animal Behaviour Science 231 105030 (2020)

Physiology of reproductive seasonality in sheep – an update

Zahoor Ahmad Pampori, Aasif Ahmad Sheikh, Ovais Aarif, Dilruba Hasin and Irfan Ahmad Bhat
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Identification and Profiling of Pituitary microRNAs of Sheep during Anestrus and Estrus Stages

Yaseen Ullah, Cunyuan Li, Xiaoyue Li, et al.
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Using real-time ultrasound for in vivo assessment of carcass and internal adipose depots of dairy sheep

J. Afonso, C. M. Guedes, A. Teixeira, et al.
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Effect of photoperiod on follicular IGF-1 and oocyte quality independently of metabolic status in buffalo heifers

Angela Salzano, Bianca Gasparrini, Domenico Vecchio, et al.
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The comparison of reproductive hormone receptor expressions of the sheep ovary and hormone concentrations in two Chinese breeds

Liangyuan Li, Shouliang Lu, Qiman Ma, Pengcheng Wan, Changbin Liu, Hanyulu Yang, Hua Yang, Yonglin Yang, Rong Dai and Guoqing Shi
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Single nucleotide polymorphisms in BMP2 and BMP7 and the association with litter size in Small Tail Han sheep

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Role of melatonin on embryo viability in sheep

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Age‐specific reproduction in relation to body size and condition in female Eurasian beavers

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Annual reproductive activity of ewes from Jezersko-Solchava, Bovec and Istrian breeds under variable field conditions

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Seasonal reproductive patterns of early domestic sheep at Tell Halula (PPNB, Middle Euphrates Valley): Evidence from sequential oxygen isotope analyses of tooth enamel

C. Tornero, M. Balasse, M. Molist and M. Saña
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Effect of water restriction on physiological responses and certain reproductive traits of Malpura ewes in a semiarid tropical environment

Davendra Kumar, Kalyan De, Anoop Kumar Singh, et al.
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Mutations in the leptin receptor gene associated with delayed onset of puberty are also associated with decreased ovulation and lambing rates in prolific Davisdale sheep

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Identification and profiling of microRNAs from ovary of estrous Kazakh sheep induced by nutritional status in the anestrous season

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Morphometrical and production traits of Bengal sheep in West Bengal, India

Sandip Banerjee
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Ideal proportion of roughage and concentrate for Malpura ewes to adapt and reproduce in a semi-arid tropical environment

Shekhawat Indu, Veerasamy Sejian, Davendra Kumar, Arvind Pareek and Syed Mohammad Krusheed Naqvi
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Genetic correlations between body weight change and reproduction traits in Merino ewes depend on age1

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The effect of periconceptional undernutrition of sheep on the cognitive/emotional response and oocyte quality of offspring at 30 days of age

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Animal Reproduction Science 149 (3-4) 173 (2014)

The Interaction Between Photoperiod and Nutrition and Its Effects on Seasonal Rhythms of Reproduction in the Ewe1

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Environmental and social cues can be used in combination to develop sustainable breeding techniques for goat reproduction in the subtropics

J.A. Delgadillo
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Evaluation of chicory cultivars and accessions for forage in south-eastern Australia

Guangdi D. Li, Zhongnan Nie, Amanda Bonython, et al.
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Effects of melatonin and undernutrition on the viability of ovine embryos during anestrus and the breeding season

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Nutritional status influences reproductive seasonality in Creole goats: 1. Ovarian activity during seasonal reproductive transitions

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Effect of Oestrus Synchronisation and Body Condition on Reproduction of Anoestrous Ouled Djellal Ewes

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Relative roles of photoperiodic and nutritional cues in modulating ovarian activity in goats

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The effect of the spring management system on blood metabolites and luteal function of ewes on Mediterranean mountain areas

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The Importance of Interactions Among Nutrition, Seasonality and Socio‐sexual Factors in the Development of Hormone‐free Methods for Controlling Fertility

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Effects of Body Condition and Protein Supplementation on LH Secretion and Luteal Function in Sheep

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Central Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 Receptors Play Distinct Roles in the Control of Reproduction, Food Intake, and Body Weight in Female Rats1

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