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Abomasal infusion of branched-chain amino acids or branched-chain keto-acids alter lactation performance and liver triglycerides in fresh cows

Kristen Gallagher, Isabelle Bernstein, Cynthia Collings, David Main, Ghayyoor Ahmad, Sarah Naughton, Jayasimha Daddam, Vengai Mavangira, Mike Vandehaar and Zheng Zhou
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Bioactive signalling lipids as drivers of chronic liver diseases

Eleanna Kaffe, Annamaria Tisi, Christiana Magkrioti, Vassilis Aidinis, Wajahat Z. Mehal, Richard A. Flavell and Mauro Maccarrone
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Lipid metabolism and body composition in long-term producing hens

L. M. van Eck, H. Enting, I. J. Carvalhido, H. Chen and R. P. Kwakkel
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Influence of Synthetic Antioxidants Used in Food Technology on the Bioavailability and Metabolism of Lipids - In Vitro Studies

Magdalena Mika, Anna Antończyk and Agnieszka Wikiera
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Investigation of the protective and therapeutic effects of thiamine in thioacetamide-induced liver injury

Serife Agirca Tasan and Ozlem Ozmen
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Endoplazmik Retikulumda Katlanmamış Protein Cevabı ile İlişkili Hastalıklar

Figen ABATAY SEL and Fatma Savran OĞUZ
Arşiv Kaynak Tarama Dergisi 31 (1) 35 (2022)

Real ambient particulate matter-induced lipid metabolism disorder: Roles of peroxisome proliferators-activated receptor alpha

Zijian Xu, Limei Shi, Daochuan Li, Qincheng Wu, Ying Zhang, Mengyu Gao, Andong Ji, Qixiao Jiang, Rui Chen, Rong Zhang, Wen Chen, Yuxin Zheng and Lianhua Cui
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Role of sortilin 1 (SORT1) on fatty acid–mediated cholesterol metabolism in primary calf hepatocytes

Shuang Wang, Qianming Jiang, Juan J. Loor, Changhong Gao, Mingmao Yang, Yan Tian, Wenwen Fan, Bingbing Zhang, Ming Li, Chuang Xu and Wei Yang
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Associations between Milk Fatty Acid Profile and Body Condition Score, Ultrasound Hepatic Measurements and Blood Metabolites in Holstein Cows

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BHBA regulates the expressions of lipid synthesis and oxidation genes in sheep hepatocytes through the AMPK pathway

Dongmin Zou, Ruonan Liu, Shujun Shi, Jinliang Du, Mengyue Tian, Xing Wang, Mingyuan Hou, Zhibian Duan and Yuzhong Ma
Research in Veterinary Science 140 153 (2021)

Yellow loosestrife (Lysimachia vulgaris var. davurica) ameliorates liver fibrosis in db/db mice with methionine- and choline-deficient diet-induced nonalcoholic steatohepatitis

Yang-Ju Son, Da Seul Jung, Ji Min Shin, et al.
BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies 21 (1) (2021)

The Complex Tail of Circulating Sphingolipids in Atherosclerosis and Cardiovascular Disease

Iris D. Zelnik, Jiyoon L. Kim and Anthony H. Futerman
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Hepatic lipidosis in fattening turkeys: A review

Amr Abd El-Wahab, Bussarakam Chuppava, Dimitri Radko and Christian Visscher
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Aspects of transition cow metabolomics—Part III: Alterations in the metabolome of liver and blood throughout the transition period in cows with different liver metabotypes

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Impacts of Embryonic Thermal Programming on the Expression of Genes Involved in Foie gras Production in Mule Ducks

William Massimino, Charlotte Andrieux, Sandra Biasutti, Stéphane Davail, Marie-Dominique Bernadet, Tracy Pioche, Karine Ricaud, Karine Gontier, Mireille Morisson, Anne Collin, Stéphane Panserat and Marianne Houssier
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Advances in fatty acids nutrition in dairy cows: from gut to cells and effects on performance

Massimo Bionaz, Einar Vargas-Bello-Pérez and Sebastiano Busato
Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology 11 (1) (2020)

Role of nutraceuticals during the transition period of dairy cows: a review

Vincenzo Lopreiato, Matteo Mezzetti, Luca Cattaneo, Giulia Ferronato, Andrea Minuti and Erminio Trevisi
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The Disruption of Liver Metabolic Circadian Rhythms by a Cafeteria Diet Is Sex-Dependent in Fischer 344 Rats

Héctor Palacios-Jordan, Miguel Z. Martín-González, Manuel Suárez, et al.
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The effect of glycerol or rumen-protected choline chloride on rumen fermentation and blood metabolome in pregnant ewes suffering from negative energy balance

Changzheng Guo, Yanfeng Xue, Yuyang Yin, et al.
Animal Feed Science and Technology 268 114594 (2020)

Effects of waterborne exposure to 17β-estradiol on hepatic lipid metabolism genes in tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)

Xiaojin Zhang, Huan Zhong, Zhuojun Han, et al.
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Metabolomics Approach Explore Diagnostic Biomarkers and Metabolic Changes in Heat-Stressed Dairy Cows

Shuangming Yue, Siyan Ding, Jia Zhou, et al.
Animals 10 (10) 1741 (2020)

Plasma proteomic profiling and pathway analysis of normal and overconditioned dairy cows during the transition from late pregnancy to early lactation

Morteza H. Ghaffari, Katharina Schuh, Josipa Kuleš, Nicolas Guillemin, Anita Horvatić, Vladimir Mrljak, Peter David Eckersall, Georg Dusel, Christian Koch, Hassan Sadri and Helga Sauerwein
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Methyl donor supplementation suppresses the progression of liver lipid accumulation while modifying the plasma triacylglycerol lipidome in periparturient Holstein dairy cows

Y. Zang, S. Saed Samii, W.A. Myers, et al.
Journal of Dairy Science 102 (2) 1224 (2019)

Expression of genes related to liver fatty acid metabolism in fat‐tailed and thin‐tailed lambs during negative and positive energy balances

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Función y metabolismo de ácidos grasos en el tejido adiposo y hepático de rumiantes en producción: una revisión

Julián Andrés Castillo Vargas
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Omega-3 PUFA metabolism and brain modifications during aging

Hillary Chappus-McCendie, Laurie Chevalier, Claude Roberge and Mélanie Plourde
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C1q/TNF-related protein 2 (CTRP2) deletion promotes adipose tissue lipolysis and hepatic triglyceride secretion

Xia Lei and G. William Wong
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Liver function and dysfunction – a unique window into the physiological reach of ER stress and the unfolded protein response

D. Thomas Rutkowski
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RNA-Seq of Liver From Pigs Divergent in Feed Efficiency Highlights Shifts in Macronutrient Metabolism, Hepatic Growth and Immune Response

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Amino acid pattern in the liver and blood of fattening turkeys suffering from hepatic lipidosis

L Middendorf, D Radko, K Düngelhoef, et al.
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Metabolism and immune status during transition period influences the lactation performance in Zebu (Bos indicus) cows

The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 88 (9) 1064 (2018)

Pre- and post-prandial expression of genes involved in lipid metabolism at the end of the overfeeding period of mule ducks

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High fat diet‐induced oxidative stress blocks hepatocyte nuclear factor 4α and leads to hepatic steatosis in mice

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A new perspective on lipid research in age-related macular degeneration

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Progress in Retinal and Eye Research 67 56 (2018)

Proteomics and metabolomics characterizing the pathophysiology of adaptive reactions to the metabolic challenges during the transition from late pregnancy to early lactation in dairy cows

Fabrizio Ceciliani, Cristina Lecchi, Christiane Urh and Helga Sauerwein
Journal of Proteomics 178 92 (2018)

Supplementing phytogenic compounds or autolyzed yeast modulates ruminal biogenic amines and plasma metabolome in dry cows experiencing subacute ruminal acidosis

E. Humer, I. Kröger, V. Neubauer, K. Schedle, N. Reisinger and Q. Zebeli
Journal of Dairy Science 101 (10) 9559 (2018)

Chronic co-exposure to chlorpyrifos and deltamethrin pesticides induces alterations in serum lipids and oxidative stress in Wistar rats: mitigating role of alpha-lipoic acid

Chidiebere Uchendu, Suleiman Folorunsho Ambali, Joseph Olusegun Ayo and King Akpofure Nelson Esievo
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 25 (20) 19605 (2018)

Hairy and enhancer of split 6 prevents hepatic lipid accumulation through inhibition of Pparg2 expression

Jung Eun Park, Mikang Lee, Seong‐Chul Kim, Yanqiao Zhang, James P. Hardwick and Yoon Kwang Lee
Hepatology Communications 1 (10) 1085 (2017)

Relevance of serum concentrations of non-esterified fatty acids and very low-density lipoproteins in nulli/primiparous and multiparous cows in the close-up period

Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 79 (10) 1656 (2017)

Alterations of the Lipid Metabolome in Dairy Cows Experiencing Excessive Lipolysis Early Postpartum

Elke Humer, Annabella Khol-Parisini, Barbara U. Metzler-Zebeli, et al.
PLOS ONE 11 (7) e0158633 (2016)

MicroRNAs regulating apolipoprotein B-containing lipoprotein production

Liye Zhou, Sara Irani, Alaa Sirwi and M. Mahmood Hussain
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids 1861 (12) 2062 (2016)

Novel role of TLR4 in NAFLD development: Modulation of metabolic enzymes expression

Darkiane Fernandes Ferreira, Jarlei Fiamoncini, Iryna Hirata Prist, et al.
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The expression of genes involved in hepatic metabolism is altered by temporary changes to milking frequency

T.M. Grala, J.R. Roche, J.K. Kay, et al.
Journal of Dairy Science 97 (2) 838 (2014)

Canonical and non-canonical Hedgehog signalling and the control of metabolism

Raffaele Teperino, Fritz Aberger, Harald Esterbauer, Natalia Riobo and John Andrew Pospisilik
Seminars in Cell & Developmental Biology 33 81 (2014)

Low Birth Weight Male Guinea Pig Offspring Display Increased Visceral Adiposity in Early Adulthood

Ousseynou Sarr, Jennifer A. Thompson, Lin Zhao, et al.
PLoS ONE 9 (6) e98433 (2014)

Energy and Protein Nutrition Management of Transition Dairy Cows

Ian J. Lean, Robert Van Saun and Peter J. DeGaris
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Influence of rumen-protected choline on liver composition and blood variables indicating energy balance in periparturient dairy cows

Péter Elek, Tibor Gaál and Ferenc Husvéth
Acta Veterinaria Hungarica 61 (1) 59 (2013)

Expression of Enzymes and Transcription Factors Involved in n‐3 Long Chain PUFA Biosynthesis in Limousin Bull Tissues

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Hepatocyte apoptosis in dairy cows with fatty infiltration of the liver

Mohamed Tharwat, Daiji Endoh and Shin Oikawa
Research in Veterinary Science 93 (3) 1281 (2012)

Effects of almond consumption on the reduction of LDL-cholesterol: a discussion of potential mechanisms and future research directions

Claire E Berryman, Amy Griel Preston, Wahida Karmally, Richard J Deckelbaum and Penny M Kris-Etherton
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Influência da gestação e do puerpério no lipidograma de bovinos da raça Holandesa

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Ethinylestradio-Chlormadinone Acetate Combination for the Treatment of Hirsutism and Hormonal Alterations of Normal-Weight Women With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: Evaluation of the Metabolic Impact

Maurizio Guido, Daniela Romualdi, Giuseppe Campagna, Luigi Ricciardi, Alessandro Bompiani and Antonio Lanzone
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Hepatic metabolism of glucose and linoleic acid varies in relation to susceptibility to fatty liver in ad libitum-fed Muscovy and Pekin ducks

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Inhibition Effect of 3-(4'-hydroxyl-3',5'-dimethoxyphenyl)Propionic Acid in Kimchi with Anti-Atherogenic Activity on the Accumulation of Lipids in the Organs of ApoE(-/-)Mice

Hye-Yeon Kim, Jeong-Sook Noh and Yeong-Ok Song
Journal of the Korean Society of Food Science and Nutrition 37 (11) 1415 (2008)

Hepatic Triacylglycerols and Plasma Non-esterified Fatty Acids and Albumin Levels in Cross Breed Cows in Ahvaz City of Khuzestan Province of Iran: An Abattoir Study

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The Role of Exogenous Insulin in the Complex of Hepatic Lipidosis and Ketosis Associated with Insulin Resistance Phenomenon in Postpartum Dairy Cattle

A. Hayirli
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Abundance of mRNA of Apolipoprotein B100, Apolipoprotein E, and Microsomal Triglyceride Transfer Protein in Liver from Periparturient Dairy Cows

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In vitro comparison of hepatic metaboliosm of 9cis‐11 trans and 10trans‐12cis isomers of CLA in the rat

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Tans18:1 and 18:2 Isomers in Blood Plasma and Milk Fat of Grazing Cows Fed a Grain Supplement Containing Solvent-Extracted or Mechanically Extracted Soybean Meal

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