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Bovine Colostrum Supplementation Modulates the Intestinal Microbial Community in Rabbits

Stella Agradi, Paola Cremonesi, Laura Menchetti, Claudia Balzaretti, Marco Severgnini, Federica Riva, Bianca Castiglioni, Susanna Draghi, Alessia Di Giancamillo, Marta Castrica, Daniele Vigo, Silvia Clotilde Modina, Valentina Serra, Alda Quattrone, Elisa Angelucci, Grazia Pastorelli, Giulio Curone and Gabriele Brecchia
Animals 13 (6) 976 (2023)

The effects of Clostridium butyricum on Ira rabbit growth performance, cecal microbiota and plasma metabolome

Xiao Xing Ye, Ke Yao Li, Ya Fei Li, Jia Ning Lu, Ping Ting Guo, Hao Yu Liu, Li Wen Zhou, Shuai Shuai Xue, Cai Yun Huang, Shao Ming Fang and Qian Fu Gan
Frontiers in Microbiology 13 (2022)

Effect of total replacement of the soya bean meal by lupine seeds (L. albus and L. luteus) on performance and digestion characteristics of growing rabbits

S. Garcia-Santos, M. Almeida, M. Closson, C.M. Guedes, A. Barros, L.M. Ferreira, H. Trindade and V. Pinheiro
Animal Feed Science and Technology 278 114996 (2021)

Enterocins as Novel Feed Additives in Rabbit Diet: Enterocin Ent M and Durancin Ent ED26E/7, Their Combination, and Effects on Microbiota, Caecal Fermentation, and Enzymatic Activity

M. Pogány Simonová, A. Lauková, Ľ. Chrastinová, A. Kandričáková, J. Ščerbová, V. Strompfová, R. Miltko and G. Belzecki
Probiotics and Antimicrobial Proteins 13 (5) 1433 (2021)

Enterocin M and Sage Supplementation in Post-weaning Rabbits: Effects on Growth Performance, Caecal Microbiota, Fermentation and Enzymatic Activity

M. Pogány Simonová, Ľ. Chrastinová, A. Kandričáková, et al.
Probiotics and Antimicrobial Proteins 12 (2) 732 (2020)

Faecal microbiota and functional capacity associated with weaning weight in meat rabbits

Shaoming Fang, Xuan Chen, Liwen Zhou, Chongchong Wang, Qiaohui Chen, Ruiyi Lin, Tianfang Xiao and QianFu Gan
Microbial Biotechnology 12 (6) 1441 (2019)

Dehydrated Alfalfa and Fresh Grass Supply in Young Rabbits: Effect on Performance and Caecal Microbiota Biodiversity

Simona Mattioli, Alessandro Dal Bosco, Sylvie Combes, Livia Moscati, Silvia Crotti, Alice Cartoni Mancinelli, Elisa Cotozzolo and Cesare Castellini
Animals 9 (6) 341 (2019)

Onset of feed intake of the suckling rabbit and evidence of dietary preferences according to pellet physical properties

C. Paës, L. Fortun-Lamothe, K. Bébin, J. Duperray, C. Gohier, E. Guené-Grand, G. Rebours, P. Aymard, C. Bannelier, A.-M. Debrusse, T. Gidenne and S. Combes
Animal Feed Science and Technology 255 114223 (2019)

Rabbit SLC15A1, SLC7A1 and SLC1A1 genes are affected by site of digestion, stage of development and dietary protein content

L. Liu, H. Liu, L. Ning and F. Li
animal 13 (2) 326 (2019)

Diversity and Co-occurrence Pattern Analysis of Cecal Microbiota Establishment at the Onset of Solid Feeding in Young Rabbits

Tehya Read, Laurence Fortun-Lamothe, Géraldine Pascal, et al.
Frontiers in Microbiology 10 (2019)

Influence of inoculum type (ileal, caecal and faecal) on the in vitro fermentation of different sources of carbohydrates in rabbits

Rodrigo Abad-Guzmán, Jose Antonio Larrea-Dávalos, Rosa Carabaño, Javier García and Maria Dolores Carro
World Rabbit Science 26 (3) 227 (2018)

The effect of 1-week feed restriction on performance, digestibility of nutrients and digestive system development in the growing rabbit

E. Tůmová, Z. Volek, D. Chodová, et al.
Animal 10 (1) 1 (2016)

Coprophagous behavior of rabbit pups affects implantation of cecal microbiota and health status1

S. Combes, T. Gidenne, L. Cauquil, O. Bouchez and L. Fortun-Lamothe
Journal of Animal Science 92 (2) 652 (2014)

Effect of inclusion of distillers dried grains and solubles from barley, wheat and corn in isonutritive diets on the performance and caecal environment of growing rabbits

G. Alagón, O. N. Arce, E. Martínez-Paredes, et al.
World Rabbit Science 22 (3) 195 (2014)

Characterisation of caecal microbial diversity of lactating does and their offspring given diets with different neutral detergent soluble to insoluble fibre ratios

Norelys Rodríguez-Romero, Leticia Abecia, Beatriz Martínez-Vallespín and Manuel Fondevila
Antonie van Leeuwenhoek 103 (5) 1057 (2013)

Engineering the rabbit digestive ecosystem to improve digestive health and efficacy

S. Combes, L. Fortun-Lamothe, L. Cauquil and T. Gidenne
Animal 7 (9) 1429 (2013)

Biodiversity and fermentative activity of caecal microbial communities in wild and farm rabbits from Spain

L. Abecia, N. Rodríguez-Romero, D.R. Yañez-Ruiz and M. Fondevila
Anaerobe 18 (3) 344 (2012)

Effect of different weaning ages (21, 28 or 35 days) on production, growth and certain parameters of the digestive tract in rabbits

M. Kovács, A. Bónai, Zs. Szendrő, et al.
Animal 6 (6) 894 (2012)

Maternal influence on rabbits’ growth and development at various ontogenetic phases: Theoretical and applied aspects

E. V. Kotenkova, E. V. Fedosov and N. A. Ushakova
Biology Bulletin Reviews 1 (2) 151 (2011)

Determination of faecal dry matter digestibility two weeks after weaning in twenty five day old weaned rabbits

M.S. Gómez-Conde, García J., M.J. Villamide and R. Carabaño
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Immunohistochemical localisation of EGF receptors in the intestinal tract of growing rabbits in relation to age

E. Vachkova, B. Bivolarski, M. Gulubova, et al.
Livestock Science 142 (1-3) 216 (2011)

Digestive physiology and hindgut bacterial community of the young rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus): Effects of age and short-term intake limitation

M.H. Martignon, S. Combes and T. Gidenne
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Molecular & Integrative Physiology 156 (1) 156 (2010)

Effect of inulin supplementation and age on growth performance and digestive physiological parameters in weaned rabbits

A. Bónai, Zs. Szendrő, Zs. Matics, et al.
World Rabbit Science 18 (3) 121 (2010)

Caecal fermentation patterns in vitro of glucose, cellobiose, microcrystalline cellulose and NDF separated from alfalfa hay in the adult rabbit

H.J. Yang, Y.C. Cao and D.F. Zhang
Animal Feed Science and Technology 162 (3-4) 149 (2010)

Adaptability of the digestive function according to age at weaning in the rabbit: I. Effect on feed intake and digestive functionality

M. Gallois, I. Le Huërou-Luron, L. Fortun-Lamothe, J.P. Lallès and T. Gidenne
Animal 2 (4) 525 (2008)

Metabolic response of the gastrointestinal tract and serum parameters of rabbits to diets containing chicory flour rich in inulin

J. Juśkiewicz, L. Ašmanskaitė, Z. Zduńczyk, P. Matusevičius, M. Wróblewska and A. Žilinskienė
Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition 92 (2) 113 (2008)

A review on the interactions between gut microflora and digestive mucosal immunity. Possible ways to improve the health of rabbits

L. Fortun-Lamothe and S. Boullier
Livestock Science 107 (1) 1 (2007)

Neutral detergent-soluble fiber improves gut barrier function in twenty-five-day-old weaned rabbits1

M. S. Gómez-Conde, J. García, S. Chamorro, et al.
Journal of Animal Science 85 (12) 3313 (2007)

Feeding fresh chicory (Chicoria intybus) to young rabbits: Performance, development of gastro-intestinal tract and immune functions of appendix and Peyer's patch

C. Castellini, R. Cardinali, P.G. Rebollar, et al.
Animal Feed Science and Technology 134 (1-2) 56 (2007)

Maturation of the intestinal digestion and of microbial activity in the young rabbit: Impact of the dietary fibre:starch ratio

T. Gidenne, L. Debray, L. Fortun-Lamothe and I. Le Huërou-Luron
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Molecular & Integrative Physiology 148 (4) 834 (2007)

The effect of lactating rabbit does on the development of the caecal microbial community in the pups they nurture

L. Abecia, M. Fondevila, J. Balcells and N.R. McEwan
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Effect of weaning age and diet on growth performance, caecal characteristics and potential pathogenetic microflora in rabbits

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Effect of inoculum from suckling rabbits of different ages on fermentation parameters obtained with the in vitro gas production technique

M.P. Gazaneo, F. Bovera, C. Di Meo, G Piccolo and A. Nizza
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Effect of a high fibre intake on the resistance of the growing rabbit to an experimental inoculation with an enteropathogenic strain of Escherichia coli

T. Gidenne and D. Licois
Animal Science 80 (3) 281 (2005)

Nutritional and sanitary statuses alter postweaning development of caecal microbial activity in the rabbit

Nadia Bennegadi-Laurent, Thierry Gidenne and Dominique Licois
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Molecular & Integrative Physiology 139 (3) 293 (2004)

Effects of Age and Dietary Fibre Level on Caecal Microbial Communities of Conventional and Specific Pathogen-Free Rabbits

Nadia Bennegadi, Gérard Fonty, Liliane Millet, Thierry Gidenne and Dominique Licois
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Effect of weaning diet and weaning age on growth, body composition and caecal fermentation of young rabbits

G. Xiccato, A. Trocino, A. Sartori and P. I. Queaque
Animal Science 77 (1) 101 (2003)

Effect of pre-weaning solid feed and milk intake on caecal content characteristics and performance of rabbits around weaning

Antonino Nizza, Giampiero Stanco, Carmelo Di Meo, et al.
Italian Journal of Animal Science 1 (2) 95 (2002)

Feeding strategy for young rabbits around weaning: a review of digestive capacity and nutritional needs

T. Gidenne and L. Fortun-Lamothe
Animal Science 75 (2) 169 (2002)

Effect of double nursing on some anatomical and physiological properties of the digestive tract of rabbits between 23 and 44 days of age

Melinda Zomborszky-Kovács, Tünde Gyarmati, Zs. Szendrő and et al.
Acta Veterinaria Hungarica 50 (4) 445 (2002)

Microbial activity in the caecum of the rabbit around weaning: impact of a dietary fibre deficiency and of intake level

T Gidenne, N Jehl, M Segura and B Michalet-Doreau
Animal Feed Science and Technology 99 (1-4) 107 (2002)

Mimicking Natural Nursing Conditions Promotes Early Pup Survival in Domestic Rabbits

Gérard Coureaud, Benoist Schaal, Pierre Coudert, Robyn Hudson, Patricia Rideaud and Pierre Orgeur
Ethology 106 (3) 207 (2000)

Desempenho produtivo e atividade microbiana cecal de coelhos alimentados com dietas contendo diferentes níveis de amido

Alex Martins Varela de Arruda, Ronaldo Dessimoni Carregal and Renato Gonçalves Ferreira
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia 29 (3) 762 (2000)

Reductive Acetogenesis in the Hindgut and Attempts to its Induction in the Rumen—A Review

Veerle Fievez, F. Piattoni, L. Mbanzamihigo and D. Demeyer
Journal of Applied Animal Research 16 (1) 1 (1999)

Effect of the dietary fibre origin on the digestion and on the caecal fermentation pattern of the growing rabbit

T. Gidenne, R. Bellier and J. van Eys
Animal Science 66 (2) 509 (1998)

Replacement of starch by digestible fibre in feed for the growing rabbit. 2. Consequences for microbial activity in the caecum and on incidence of digestive disorders

N. Jehl and T. Gidenne
Animal Feed Science and Technology 61 (1-4) 193 (1996)