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Naturally Occurring N-Terminal Fragments of Bovine Milk Osteopontin Are Transported across Models of the Intestinal Barrier

Brian Christensen, Nanna R. Nielsen, Marie R. Sørensen, Lotte N. Jacobsen, Marie S. Ostenfeld and Esben S. Sørensen
Biomedicines 11 (3) 893 (2023)

Effects of Emulsifiers on an In vitro Model of Intestinal Epithelial Tight Junctions and the Transport of Food Allergens

Sefat E Khuda, Ann V. Nguyen, Girdhari M. Sharma, Mohammad S. Alam, Kannan V. Balan and Kristina M. Williams
Molecular Nutrition & Food Research 66 (4) (2022)

Weak Binding of Epigallocatechin to α-Lactalbumin Greatly Improves Its Stability and Uptake by Caco-2 Cells

Jiaqi Ma, Qimeng Yao, Xuemin Chen, Chenyan Lv, Jiachen Zang and Guanghua Zhao
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 69 (30) 8482 (2021)

Investigation and comparison of the protective activities of three functional proteins—lactoferrin, α-lactalbumin, and β-lactoglobulin—in cerebral ischemia reperfusion injury

Hui-Ying Li, Peng Li, Huai-Gu Yang, et al.
Journal of Dairy Science 103 (6) 4895 (2020)

Maternal Allergy and the Presence of Nonhuman Proteinaceous Molecules in Human Milk

Pieter M. Dekker, Sjef Boeren, Alet H. Wijga, Gerard H. Koppelman, Jacques J. M. Vervoort and Kasper A. Hettinga
Nutrients 12 (4) 1169 (2020)

Changes in Microbiota and Bacterial Protein Caseinolytic Peptidase B During Food Restriction in Mice: Relevance for the Onset and Perpetuation of Anorexia Nervosa

Manon Dominique, Romain Legrand, Marie Galmiche, et al.
Nutrients 11 (10) 2514 (2019)

The Fate of Major Royal Jelly Proteins during Proteolytic Digestion in the Human Gastrointestinal Tract

Carmen I. Mureşan, Angelika Schierhorn and Anja Buttstedt
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 66 (16) 4164 (2018)

Application of the adverse outcome pathway (AOP) concept to structure the available in vivo and in vitro mechanistic data for allergic sensitization to food proteins

Jolanda H. M. van Bilsen, Edyta Sienkiewicz-Szłapka, Daniel Lozano-Ojalvo, et al.
Clinical and Translational Allergy 7 (1) (2017)

Advanced Mass Spectrometry for Food Safety and Quality

Linda Monaci, Rosa Pilolli, Elisabetta De Angelis and Gianfranco Mamone
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Epithelial models to study food allergen-induced barrier disruption and immune activation

Marija Gavrovic-Jankulovic and Linette E.M. Willemsen
Drug Discovery Today: Disease Models 17-18 29 (2015)

Potential bioavailability enhancement of bioactive compounds using food-grade engineered nanomaterials: a review of the existing evidence

Kathleen Oehlke, Marta Adamiuk, Diana Behsnilian, et al.
Food & Function 5 (7) 1341 (2014)

Protein transport across the small intestine in food allergy

Marit Reitsma, Joost Westerhout, Harry J. Wichers, Heleen M. Wortelboer and Kitty C. M. Verhoeckx
Molecular Nutrition & Food Research 58 (1) 194 (2014)

β-Lactoglobulin-linoleate complexes: In vitro digestion and the role of protein in fatty acid uptake

Solène Le Maux, André Brodkorb, Thomas Croguennec, et al.
Journal of Dairy Science 96 (7) 4258 (2013)

Transport of Pru p 3 across gastrointestinal epithelium – an essential step towards the induction of food allergy?

L. Tordesillas, C. Gómez‐Casado, M. Garrido‐Arandia, A. Murua‐García, A. Palacín, J. Varela, P. Konieczna, J. Cuesta‐Herranz, C. A. Akdis, L. O'Mahony and A. Díaz‐Perales
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Intracellular fate of retinyl acetate-loaded submicron delivery systems by in vitro intestinal epithelial cells: A comparison between whey protein-stabilised submicron droplets and micelles stabilised with polysorbate 80

Amal Benzaria, Dominique Chevalier-Lucia, Laëtitia Picart-Palmade, et al.
Food Research International 51 (2) 679 (2013)

Immunological Response in Egg-Sensitive Adults Challenged with Cheese Containing or Not Containing Lysozyme

Filippo Rossi, Amerigo Iaconelli, Lucia Fiorentini, et al.
Journal of the American College of Nutrition 31 (6) 385 (2012)

Assessment of the lupin seed glucose-lowering protein intestinal absorption by using in vitro and ex vivo models

Jessica Capraro, Alfonso Clemente, Luis A. Rubio, et al.
Food Chemistry 125 (4) 1279 (2011)

In vitro digestion methods for assessing the effect of food structure on allergen breakdown

Martin Wickham, Richard Faulks and Clare Mills
Molecular Nutrition & Food Research 53 (8) 952 (2009)

Transport properties of bovine and reindeer β-lactoglobulin in the Caco-2 cell model

Laura Riihimäki, Anna Galkin, Moshe Finel, et al.
International Journal of Pharmaceutics 347 (1-2) 1 (2008)

Intestinal Translocation Capabilities of Wheat Allergens Using the Caco-2 Cell Line

Marie Bodinier, Marie-Anne Legoux, Florence Pineau, Sylvie Triballeau, Jean-Pierre Segain, Chantal Brossard and Sandra Denery-Papini
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 55 (11) 4576 (2007)

Enterocyte and M-Cell Transport of Native and Heat-Denatured Bovine β-Lactoglobulin:  Significance of Heat Denaturation

Jani Rytkönen, Kaija H. Valkonen, Vesa Virtanen, Ruth A. Foxwell, Jennelle M. Kyd, Allan W. Cripps and Tuomo J. Karttunen
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Assessment of transport rates of proteins and peptides across primary human alveolar epithelial cell monolayers

Michael Bur, Hanno Huwer, Claus-Michael Lehr, Nina Hagen, Mette Guldbrandt, Kwang-Jin Kim and Carsten Ehrhardt
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Specific effects of denaturation, hydrolysis and exposure to Lactococcus lactis on bovine β‐lactoglobulin transepithelial transport, antigenicity and allergenicity

E. Bernasconi, R. Fritsché and B. Corthésy
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Identification of Novel Phosphopeptides After Simulated Digestion of αs2-casein by Tandem Mass Spectrometry

E. Miquel, A. Alegría, R. Barberá and R. Farré
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Uptake of 2S Albumin Allergens, Ber e 1 and Ses i 1, across Human Intestinal Epithelial Caco-2 Cell Monolayers

F. Javier Moreno, Luis A. Rubio, Agustín Olano and Alfonso Clemente
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 54 (22) 8631 (2006)

Milk Bioactive Peptides and β-Casomorphins Induce Mucus Release in Rat Jejunum

Aurélien Trompette, Jean Claustre, Fabienne Caillon, Gérard Jourdan, Jean Alain Chayvialle and Pascale Plaisancié
The Journal of Nutrition 133 (11) 3499 (2003)

Shiga Toxins 1 and 2 Translocate Differently across Polarized Intestinal Epithelial Cells

J. T. Barbieri, Bryan P. Hurley, Mary Jacewicz, C. M. Thorpe, Lisa L. Lincicome, Andrew J. King, Gerald T. Keusch and David W. K. Acheson
Infection and Immunity 67 (12) 6670 (1999)

Retinol free and retinol complexed β-lactoglobulin binding sites in bovine germ cells

A Mansouri, T Haertlé, A Gérard, H Gérard and J.L Guéant
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Influence of several extracellular matrix components in primary cultures of bovine mammary epithelial cells

S. Delabarre, C. Claudon and F. Laurent
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Gastrojejunal kinetics and the digestion of [15N]beta-lactoglobulin and casein in humans: the influence of the nature and quantity of the protein

S Mahé, N Roos, R Benamouzig, L Davin, C Luengo, L Gagnon, N Gaussergès, J Rautureau and D Tomé
The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 63 (4) 546 (1996)