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Carcass characteristics, colour and eating quality of beef from late maturing suckler bulls finished at pasture with or without concentrate supplementation or indoors on a high concentrate ration

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Chemical, Physical And Oxidative Characteristics Of Broilers Meat Supplemented With Passion Fruit Seed Oil

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Carbon isotopic ratio of lipid fraction to trace fractionation processes in cull cows organism and to discriminate between different feeding regimes

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Performance, carcass traits and meat quality of lambs fed with different roughage: concentrate ratios associated with variable physically effective neutral detergent fibre content

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Association of CAST-gene polymorphism with mRNA levels and meat tenderness in goats

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Sustainability of feeding plant by-products: A review of the implications for ruminant meat production

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Meat consumption – what French consumers feel about the quality of beef?

Marie-Pierre Ellies-Oury, Alexandre Lee, Hervé Jacob and Jean-François Hocquette
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Sensory quality characteristics with different beef quality grades and surface texture features assessed by dented area and firmness, and the relation to muscle fiber and bundle characteristics

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Effects of diet on leather quality and longissimus muscle composition of three Ethiopian indigenous goat types

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Cloning and Expression of SFRP5 in Tibetan Chicken and its Relationship with IMF Deposition

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Opportunities and Implications of Pasture-Based Lamb Fattening to Enhance the Long-Chain Fatty Acid Composition in Meat

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Carcass traits and meat quality differences between a traditional and an intensive production model of market lambs in Brazil: Preliminary investigation

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Commercial cuts and chemical and sensory attributes of meat from crossbred Boer goats fed sunflower cake-based diets

Ronaldo Lopes Oliveira, Adriana Dantas Palmieri, Silvana Teixeira Carvalho, André Gustavo Leão, Claudilene Lima de Abreu, Claudio Vaz Di Mambro Ribeiro, Elzania Sales Pereira, Gleidson Giordano Pinto de Carvalho and Leilson Rocha Bezerra
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Simbióticos e monensina sódica no desempenho e na qualidade da carne de novilhas mestiças Angus confinadas

Fábio Garcia Ribeiro, André Mendes Jorge, Caroline de Lima Francisco, André Michel de Castilhos, Cristiano Magalhães Pariz and Maurícia Brandão da Silva
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Teores de óleo de linhaça para bovinos confinados: medidas corporais, carcaça e cortes cárneos

Bruna Laurindo ROSA, Emanuel Almeida de OLIVEIRA, Wignez HENRIQUE, Thiago Martins PIVARO, Victor Galli CARVALHO, Diego Azevedo MOTA, Cláudia Cristina Paro de PAZ, Antonio Tadeu de ANDRADE and Alexandre Amstalden Moraes SAMPAIO
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Weibull analysis characterizes the breaking properties of dry-cured ham slices

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Fate can be changed! Arid rangelands in a globalizing world – A complementary co-evolutionary perspective on the current ‘desert syndrome’

M.H. Easdale and S.E. Domptail
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A new single nucleotide polymorphism in the calpastatin (CAST) gene associated with beef tenderness

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Carcass merit and meat quality in Suffolk lambs, Katahdin lambs, and meat-goat kids finished on a grass–legume pasture with and without supplementation

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Subcutaneous Adipose Fatty Acid Profiles and Related Rumen Bacterial Populations of Steers Fed Red Clover or Grass Hay Diets Containing Flax or Sunflower-Seed

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Extruded linseed and rapeseed both influenced fatty acid composition of total lipids and their polar and neutral fractions in longissimus thoracis and semitendinosus muscles of finishing Normand cows

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Effect of season and stocking density during transport on carcass and meat quality of suckling lambs

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Opportunities for predicting and manipulating beef quality

Jean-François Hocquette, Raphaëlle Botreau, Brigitte Picard, Alain Jacquet, David W. Pethick and Nigel D. Scollan
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Perception in France of the Australian system for the prediction of beef quality (Meat Standards Australia) with perspectives for the European beef sector

J. F. Hocquette, I. Legrand, C. Jurie, D. W. Pethick and D. Micol
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Preliminary Study on Meat Quality of Goats Fed Levels of Licury Oil in the Diet

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Significant Augmentation of Sunshine BassMorone chrysopsxM. saxatilisFillet Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acid Content without Impact on Oxidative Stability or Sensory Attributes

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Lucerne grazing compared with concentrate-feeding slightly modifies carcase and meat quality of young bulls

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Chemical and acidic composition of Longissimus dorsi muscle of Comisana lambs fed with Trifolium subterraneum and Lolium multiflorum

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Characterization of the Bovine FASN Gene Variation for Carcass and Beef Quality Traits in Hanwoo

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Proteome analysis of the m. longissimus dorsi between fattening stages in Hanwoo steer

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Introduction of a muscular bidirectional electrical anisotropy index to quantify the structural modifications during aging in raw meat

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Liver and muscle metabolic changes induced by dietary energy content and genetic selection in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

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Composições tecidual e química do lombo de cordeiros alimentados com rações contendo semente de girassol em comedouros privativos

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