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CpG DNA methylation changes during epididymal sperm maturation in bulls

Emanuele Capra, F. Turri, B. Lazzari, S. Biffani, A. Lange Consiglio, P. Ajmone Marsan, A. Stella and F. Pizzi
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Epididymal contribution to male infertility: An overlooked problem

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Molecular perspective concerning fluoride and arsenic mediated disorders on epididymal maturation of spermatozoa: A concise review

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Ready for the journey: a comparative proteome profiling of porcine cauda epididymal fluid and spermatozoa

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Binder of Sperm Proteins 1 and 5 have contrasting effects on the capacitation of ram spermatozoa

Taylor Pini, Simon P de Graaf, Xavier Druart, et al.
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Qualitative and quantitative peptidomic and proteomic approaches to phenotyping chicken semen

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Biology and Regulation of Blood-Tissue Barriers

Évemie Dubé and Daniel G. Cyr
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Quality of canine spermatozoa retrieved by percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration

S. Varesi, V. Vernocchi, M. Faustini and G.C. Luvoni
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The contribution of lower vertebrate animal models in human reproduction research

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A Gradient of 2-Arachidonoylglycerol Regulates Mouse Epididymal Sperm Cell Start-Up1

Gilda Cobellis, Giulia Ricci, Giovanna Cacciola, et al.
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The adult boar testicular and epididymal transcriptomes

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The roles of the epididymis and prostasomes in the attainment of fertilizing capacity by stallion sperm

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Paradoxical increase of sperm motility and seminal carnitine associated with moderate leukocytospermia in infertile patients

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One- and two-dimensional SDS–PAGE zymography with quenched fluorogenic substrates provides identification of biological fluid proteases by direct mass spectrometry

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