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Treatment with topiramate in rats during childhood causes testicular structural impairment at adulthood

Lorena Ireno Borges, Simone Forcato, Lays Cristine do Nascimento Olanda, Giovanna Fachetti Frigoli, Camila Borecki Vidigal, Kawane Fabrício Moura, Glaura Scantamburlo A. Fernandes, Maria do Carmo Pinho Franco, Graziela Scalianti Ceravolo and Daniela Cristina Ceccatto Gerardin
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Alterations in the testicular parenchyma of Foxn1+/- and Foxn1-/- adult mice

Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciências 94 (2) (2022)

Amanda Alves Lozi, Fernanda Carolina Ribeiro Dias, Janaina Silva, Diane Costa Araujo, Ingred Carol Gonçalves, Fabiana Cristina Silveira Alves Melo, Elizabeth Lopes Oliveira, Mariella Bontempo Duca Freitas and Sérgio Luis Pinto da Matta

Developmental and Reproductive Outcomes in Male Rats Exposed to Triclosan: Two-Generation Study

Bruno Garcia Montagnini, Simone Forcato, Karine Vandressa Pernoncine, Mariana Cunha Monteiro, Marina Rangel Ferro Pereira, Nathalia Orlandini Costa, Estefânia Gastadello Moreira, Janete Aparecida Anselmo-Franci and Daniela Cristina Ceccatto Gerardin
Frontiers in Endocrinology 12 (2021)

Descriptive morphometry and stereology in accessing the testis structure and function of the marsupial Philander frenatus (Olfers, 1818) (Didelphimorphia: Didelphidae)

Vanessa de Freitas Ferreira, Fernanda Carolina Ribeiro Dias, Kyvia Lugate Cardoso Costa, Sérgio Luis Pinto da Matta, Fabiano Rodrigues de Melo and Fabiana Cristina Silveira Alves de Melo
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Activation of C–C motif chemokine receptor 2 modulates testicular macrophages number, steroidogenesis, and spermatogenesis progression

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Euterpe oleracea (Martius) Oil Reverses Testicular Alterations Caused after Cadmium Administration

Viviane Gorete Silveira Mouro, Fabiana Cristina Silveira Alves de Melo, Ana Luíza Pereira Martins, et al.
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Cadmium-Induced Testicular Toxicity in Mice: Subacute and Subchronic Route-Dependent Effects

Viviane Gorete Silveira Mouro, Verônica Andrade Siman, Janaína da Silva, et al.
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Foxn1 and Prkdc genes are important for testis function: evidence from nude and scid adult mice

Carolina FA Oliveira, Nathália LM Lara, Samyra MSN Lacerda, et al.
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A paternal hypercaloric diet affects the metabolism and fertility of F1 and F2 Wistar rat generations

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Comparative testis structure and function in three representative mice strains

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Comparative expression of cell adhesion molecule1 (CADM1) in the testes of experimental mice and some farm animals

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Functional Morphology of the Spermatogenesis of Gir Bulls

Daniel F. M. Silva, Fabio J. C. Faria, Fernando H. G. Furtado, et al.
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Subacute Testicular Toxicity to Cadmium Exposure Intraperitoneally and Orally

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Evaluation of reproductive toxicity in rats treated with triclosan

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Testis Size and Asymmetry in the Guinea Fowl (Numida Meleagris): A Test of the Compensation Hypothesis

Ibn Iddriss Abdul-Rahman, Frederick Y. Obese and Jane E. Robinson
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Chronic exposure to the fungicide propiconazole: Behavioral and reproductive evaluation of F1 and F2 generations of male rats

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Morphology and Morphometry of Seminiferous Tubules in Crioulo Horses

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Maternal treatment with fluoxetine promotes testicular alteration in male rat pups

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Growth, testis size, spermatogenesis, semen parameters and seminal plasma and sperm membrane protein profile during the reproductive development of male goats supplemented with de-oiled castor cake

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Sperm Quality and Testicular Histomorphometry of Wistar Rats Supplemented with Extract and Fractions of Fruit of Tribulus terrestris L.

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Evaluation of the reproductive toxicity of fungicide propiconazole in male rats

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Metabolic and Testicular Effects of the Long-Term Administration of Different High-Fat Diets in Adult Rats

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Testicular Histomorphometric Evaluation of Zebu Bull Breeds

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Daily sperm production and evaluation of morphological reproductive parameters of Murrah buffaloes in an extensive breeding system

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Stages and duration of the cycle of the seminiferous epithelium in oncilla (Leopardus tigrinus, Schreber, 1775)

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Early prepubertal testis criteria, seminiferous epithelium and hormone concentrations as related to testicular development in beef bulls

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Slow increase of Sertoli cell efficiency and daily sperm production causes delayed establishment of full sexual maturity in the rodent Chinchilla lanigera

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Evolution of somatic and germ cell populations after busulfan treatment in utero or neonatal cryptorchidism in the rat

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Morphological Appraisal of Gametogenesis. Spermatogenetic Process in Mammals with Particular Reference to Man

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Cat, cougar, and jaguar spermatogenesis: a comparative analysis

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Wild boars (Sus scrofa scrofa) seminiferous tubules morphometry

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Neonatal treatment with naloxone increases the population of Sertoli cells and sperm production in adult rats

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Muscle Hypertrophy of Genetic Origin and its use to Improve Beef Production

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